Nikon 1 J5 Ultra HD 4K

The Nikon 1 J5 is a new public hybrid, suitable for different uses, sporting a retro design and faux filming 4K.

Nikon made a new start on the market for hybrid cameras with the renewal of its range of heart. So far shy on this segment, lest it cannibalize the entry-level SLR, the brand now presents a compelling product, the Nikon 1 J5.

While agreeing to the Sunday photographers, the main target of its predecessors , the J5 actually opens to a wider public, including amateurs or even to experts in addition to an SLR. To do this, the newcomer takes to begin more serious aesthetic codes, and continues the retro movement initiated by the expert model V3 , recalling the Fujifilm X-series.

A more advanced technique
It offers also and especially more advanced ergonomics. Semiautomatic and manual modes PSAM until now relegated to the menu and complete the automatic mode and play functions on the dial. A second full control wheel besides the wheel encircling the directional pad. And the screen becomes directional, on the vertical axis only, 90 ° down and 180 ° up. What can easily frame at ground level or above a crowd, but what self-portraits (selfies ). This 3-inch LCD screen and 720 x 480 pixels (1,036,800 points) remains touch, allowing in particular to play with ten creative filters.

J5 also hosts a new CMOS sensor backlit presentation of 20.8 million pixels. The sensors of the Nikon 1 is to return to the 1 inch, the compact handheld Sony RX100 , two times smaller than the size of the Micro Four Thirds Panasonic GF7 and Olympus E-PL7 , and four times smaller than the APS- C Sony NEX and entry-level SLR. The size of the sensor affects the noise, so the image quality, and depth of field. Anyway, this sensor is going to anti-moiré filter, which sharpens even cause the appearance of some artifacts on certain grounds, and it includes a phase detection autofocus hybrid 105 collimators.

A fast camera except Ultra HD
The hybrid also features a new EXPEED processing chip 5A, with which he boasts to shoot in 4K. Actually it shoots in Ultra HD at 15 frames / s, as the GoPro Hero3 Black in his time. Plans shot at this rate will be jerky if they are played in real time, this feature best suits the shooting timelapses , accelerated video. Otherwise he films in 1080 / 60p, 720 / 120p, and up to 1200 i / s 400 x 144 pixels. The Nikon 1 J5 has no microphone input and headphone output. This photograph also gusting to 20 i / s with autofocus, and even at 60 i / s without autofocus. Finally, the J5 sensitivity range is stable from 160 to 6400, expandable to ISO 12800.

Finish with connectivity: include Wi-Fi, for remote control of the device and then transfer the files, now associated with the NFC, which facilitates setup and connection. Note that the files are not stored on an SD card, but on a microSD.

The Nikon 1 J5 will go on sale in France on 30 April, accompanied by a stabilized zoom 10-30mm f / 3.5-5.6.