Night Light Children’s Room

The pilot… we have more than one home and this is also my 4 ½ years who has the most …

the evening she needs to have a little light … She falls asleep with her little night lights and Mom then pass them off. (Except those who go off by themselves)
My biggest him despite his 9 years, always a nightlight in his room it on from time to time … It depends on the time and I noticed it ‘ more often in winter, when it’s very dark at bedtime.

The youngest too will have its pilot…. But with all the pilot lights found on the market … Me So here looking for a night for him … I take my time to choose and I hope it pleases.
So I decided to present you the many night lights that we have at home … To guide you in your choice …

Ikea Spoka pilot LED

It’s not bad … and we have also two at home… A third could be welcome since I like as much as my children use it to climb stairs for example, or the future see the night if necessary.
One of my son at the time she was a ghost as you can see from my photos.
Another my daughter … A small blue cat … too cute … it also changes color and simply press it again to block this color.
They recharge quickly and easily … And especially I would say they really have a long life for that of my son does not date from yesterday and still works perfectly.A small price since it costs only 12.99 euros at Ikea.

The Giochi Preziosi of lumicalin

He is so cute. With us, it’s pink … and yes, it is that of my daughter and it may soon came to us in white … for the little one …
Lumincalin a big hit with my daughter. These colors are the colors of the rainbow …
From birth, baby will love watching the different colors of Lumicalin to sleep … Growing up, he quickly found how to turn itself since touch on his leg enough to turn it on.
Its price, less than 30 euros.

The doudours of Ouaps

He sings and makes light to reassure baby.
My daughter has adopted very small … I think she was barely 6 months.
And even today, it is part of her favorite stuffed animals.
We will not put the song but only the light because it is quite possible to choose one or the other or both!
We can even set it so it snaps started when baby cries.
It is the voice of Henri From that rocks your children.
Practice, he cut in from machinery that takes away the part centrale.Un real plus for moms.
About 30 euros

Hello Kitty IMC Toys

I was soon disappointed by the pilot that really light up not long ago and whose music is really very small
It appeals to young girls because it is the character Hello Kitty but this one really brings nothing more. ..
Today, moreover, it has no place in the bed of my daughter, fault for not having given him stacks … she is in her plush tray

Advent and baby night listening

Here is a very interesting purchase … I am fully conquered and that I would soon present more detail.
Aceinland finds that the night light with a musical function will replace the baby mobile…
a good quality product that I would not hesitate to recommend to future and young parents. It is found for less than 90 euros in Kadolis.
And to you, what pilot makes the happiness of your children?