Night Bike Circular: Lights And Reflectors

For those who ride a bike at night: please always use lights and reflectors on your bikes, for your safety and for the safety of everyone!

The law forces us to use lights , but in these things it is not by legal obligation that we need to act-it is even to save our skin. Walking without lights at night or at dawn is risky behavior, the consequences of which can be very serious. The lights on the bike, even if they do not serve to illuminate the way, serve to be seen in the traffic by the other drivers and, thus, to prevent accidents.

At the online store of itypeauto, you will find for sale various models of bicycle lights. It does not have to be a powerful mountain bike lighthouse, of those who dazzle and annoy everyone they pass by. To travel in well-lit areas of the city, just a simple white light at the front and a red one at the back (not flashing, preferably). The reflectors on the wheels also help make us visible to other drivers and should be used.

There is nothing like going out at night if you bike for a drink with friends, going to the theater or the movies, or simply to feel the cool breeze on the body. Using lights and reflectors, we are actively contributing so that we can continue to do so for many many more years. Good rides!