Nexus One in the Test

The big become with Internet search technology company Google has launched its first private mobile phone. Customers in this country need to be patient but still something, before you can make calls with the “nexus one” baptized Smart phone. Google and its local partner Vodafone, want to bring the multifunctional mobile next spring in Europe on the market.

Even before the official presentation by Google’s first “own” mobile phone, nexus one, has the same name blog Smart phone may test.

The appearance of the Teflon-coated nexus one is simple. Only a brown “striping” and very round corners are striking. “It’s incredibly well in hand,” writes Tester 3rd Geer. Mostly the feeling to have an extremely thin phone in your hand, even though it was only 0.8 millimeters flatter than the iPhone with 11.5 mm is impressive.

Google Remains On The Ball

The “nexus one” is a challenge to the Apple “iPhone” and other all-rounder phones.

In comparison to the purists iPhone, the Google phone has four buttons on the front: back, menu, home and search. In addition, a tracking towers ball out of the housing, which is similar to works such as an inverted computer mouse at the bottom of the display. A volume control (on the left) and an on off switch (above) sit on the sides.

The Tester from the touchscreen Smartphone is deeply impressed. With 3.7 inches, it is significantly larger than the iPhone screen (3.5-inch). More in the weight falls but the brilliant resolution: 720 x 480 pixels make old look Apple’s focusing screen with 320 x 480 pixels.

Principle Of A Finger

In the test the screen of Google phones reacted just quickly like the iPhone display. It work absolutely delay-free, can be read onNexusOneBlog . The new Android 2.1 operating system could virtually “fly” the phone. 3rd-Geer complained only that the screen of the nexus one is not capable of multi touch. While iPhone users, for example, images with a “finger-thumb shears”-large or small can drag Google Mobile owners remains only the one-finger principle.

The Android expert but points out-“if it must be absolutely” there’s an app called Dolphin for this. The add-on is a browser, enables multitouch on Google phones.

Movement in the background

Animated wallpapers, “Live wallpapers” are a nice Gymmick of the nexus one. At the start, Google offers ten pieces to choose from. The tester is done by “Grass”. Culms swaying in the wind and the sky also changes the color of the time of day according to. Cute, you don’t have to but. Especially since the cell phone in the test at the wall papers zickte occasionally.

The Smartphone has a now standard 3.5 mm jack for headphones. The sound quality is good the iPhone equal, writes 3rd Geer. For calls in a noisy environment Google, the nexus has missed a noise suppression that worked really well in a noisy Office with many background noise. The blogger could well understand also the caller. The speaker should be against it just satisfactory according to

A sensor that detects if the phone to your ear is handy. It automatically deletes the light, and blocks other functions. This is but nothing new, can the iPhone also.

Deficiencies In Image And Video Recordings

When the quality of the camera that can not keep nexus one according to the tester with the iPhone. The colours of the 5 mega pixel-snapping are not so natural, he writes. The same holds true for recorded videos. The blogger, however, awarded points for the new voice-to-text function, which makes it possible, for example, to speak a text message instead of typing. Because dams could break…

The battery of the Google phones lasted around twelve hours in the extreme test, what no great shakes, but is also not bad for smartphones under full load-iPhone users can tell many a tale. The SIM card and the slot for micro-SD cards, with which the internal memory (512 MB) can be extended is located under the battery. A 4 GB card was in the test package, up to 32 GB are possible. Three small copper contacts in addition to the micro-USB input suggests that the Google phone will also by top stand on external can dock equipment.

Total Android blogger 3rd Geer came to the conclusion that the nexus one is the iPhone behind brilliant screen and the rapid speed with his.Only the camera of the Apple phones deliver better results. Also as regards the variety of additional programs, Liège still behind Google.There is a lack mainly to games. Since but the developers already at work, will this problem have done probably soon, he is confident. Let’s see what other testers come.