New Version of Dropbox for Windows and OS X Will Automatically Send Your Screenshots to the Cloud

The Dropbox has released an updated version of its client for Windows and OS X with a very cool feature that was being tested three months ago: from now on, your screen captures can be automatically sent to your account on Dropbox, saving time and effort.

It works like this: When you are with the new version and hit PrintScreen first, Dropbox will offer to send the screen shot automatically to the cloud. In Windows, using the Ctrl + PrintScreen combination, a public link is copied to the clipboard – so you can easily share the image on Twitter, for example.

The Dropbox client for OS X, in addition to winning the automatic upload screenshots feature, has a new feature that allows you to import all photos from iPhoto to Dropbox, including keeping the images in separate folders.

If the Dropbox client has not yet been updated in your computer, you can download the new version on this page.