New Printer Can Not Be Installed on Old Pc

If your new printer is not recognized correctly by the PC, this can be due to an outdated Windows or broken Windows Update. The tip shows what you need to do.

Your computer is slightly older, may still have Windows 7 as the operating system and was not running for a while. You want to reactivate it and use it especially for printing tasks. When you connect a relatively current printer or a new multifunction device to the computer via USB, Windows reports “Unknown Device”. This allows the operating system to recognize that a device hangs on the interface, but it can not correctly identify it. As a result, it can not install a device driver.

The cause: A number of Windows updates are missing from an older Windows machine that has not been running for an extended period of time. With the updates for the operating system, Microsoft not only delivers security- relevant updates, but also signatures for current devices, including printers and multifunction devices. Without these identifiers and base drivers, it is often the case that Windows recognizes that a USB device is being inserted, but it can not be arranged correctly.

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Windows Updates started: Before you continue trying to install the printer or multifunction device somehow, run Windows Update to update your operating system.Your computer must be connected to the Internet. In Windows 7, you can enter the update area by clicking on the Windows icon, entering the “Windows Update” line and selecting “Windows Update” under Programs. You can manually initiate the update process by going to “Check for Updates” on the left. If your computer has been unused for a while, the search may take several hours. Allow him to look for the updates overnight.

To prevent your computer from entering idle mode during this time, disable the power-saving settings. To do this, click on the Windows icon again and enter the “Energy Options” entry in the input line. Usually the energy saving plan “Balanced (recommended)” is selected. Click Change Energy Savings Settings and select Never under Energy Saver for: from the pop-up menu.

Repair Windows Update: If the update process fails or you do not have full rights access, because the computer has previously been centrally managed in a company network, you can use the PC-WELT-FixWindowsUpdate tool to repair the automatic update function .The tool stops the services responsible for the Windows Update and the background transfer, deletes the download data of the update and resets the stored security features.After that, it registers the libraries relevant to Windows Update and plays the current program version of the Windows tool.

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If the tool is installed on your computer, double-click the exe file. The individual steps work automatically. The process takes a while and is terminated when the message “Done. Restart the computer and call the Windows Update to “appears on the screen.When you press any key, you will see the “Finish” button. After restarting the computer, restart the Windows update as described.

If the Windows updates are complete, look at their history by clicking “Show update history” in the update window on the left. In addition to security updates and updates for Microsoft Office, you will also find updates that affect printer models. This is a sure sign that driver data has been missing and has now been reloaded. Now restart the installation routine for your printer or the multifunction device at PrinterHall. Windows should now recognize the device without problems at the USB port. This allows the printer driver package to be easily installed.