New Google Maps Has Revamped Interface and Makes Recommendations Establishments

The Google Maps today won its biggest changes in eight years of existence. The new generation of the Google Maps service, which will initially be released for some users by invitation, makes recommendations establishments, has a completely revamped interface, brings improvements in routing algorithm and incorporates some features of Google Earth forgotten.

There’s a sidebar taking up space in the new interface. The map is now in full screen, with some overlapping elements, such as the field search. The color tones in Google Maps have changed and are very similar to those adopted in the maps Apple. And the map is more interactive: click on a point and a box will show more information like related places and the best routes to get there.

According to Google, the more you use the new Maps, doing searches, marking important places and writing reviews of restaurants and other establishments, more personalized it will be. As you use it, Maps will place recommendations based on your personal tastes and also the reviews left by your circle of friends on Google+.

The new routing system shows paths with different modes of transport on the same map for you to compare and choose the best alternative. It displays the route by car (with information on congestion), public transport, bicycle and airplane. In the latter case, Google Maps can display useful data, such as the flight time between one city and another, and the fare.

It is not clear if the route for the new Google Maps flights will operate completely in Brazil. The route by public transport already works at several places in the country: in São Paulo, for example, Google Maps shows information of bus and SPTrans EMTU, and the Metro and CPTM trains.

The Google Maps app for Android will receive an update soon with new features. Google also announced that it will launch a version for iPad, between June and September. To comment on the application for iOS, released for iPhone in December , Google said that “people spoke that it is quick, simple, beautiful … and we can not help but say, more accurate,” an indirect light to troubled Apple Maps. There!

To test the new Google Maps, ask for an invitation by visiting this link. Invitations will be distributed from tomorrow and will arrive by email. Check your inbox!