New Canon Pixma Printers and Cartridges Come in August

Yesterday I heard an interesting piece of news: In August the new Canon PIXMA should be the matching new printer cartridges and printer introducing. Actually Canon brought out last year that, because of the crisis there but moved to August 2010. An employee of Canon confirmed this info.

The latest Canon PIXMA printer are very popular, especially the flagship Canon PIXMA IP4600 and the multifunction Canon PIXMA MP640 (pictured left), according to printerhall. The current Canon CLI-521 cartridges have a chip and prevented a replica of these cartridges more than 9 months. In this blog post for more information about printer cartridges with chip.

Of course it can be not Canon to miss the new printer new printer cartridges . These new cartridges have a chip of course again, and this is how usual encrypted. Because these chips generic for lipitor 20mg Canon again used a new encryption technique, competition for cheap alternative cartridges goes again from scratch. According to my information, it will take probably a year until there are fully-functional compatible printer cartridges with chip. In the meantime, there will certainly be alternative cartridges without a chip. To use this, you must put the chip of the original on the alternative cartridge cartridge and can then print with 531s use further. Certainly, it will be also possible to fill the original cartridges with matching refill ink . To it a suitable Canon chip Resetter is, it is certainly still much longer take.

I’m very curious to see what think about Canon this time ha t, to prevent alternative providers from full functionality to offer nsfähige cartridges. I will report, as soon as there’s something new.