New Brushes for Make Up For Ever

Until shortly, I had in my professional brushes blanket, several brushes and brushes for Make Up For Ever, and was delighted with them (and I am still so because they seem to me a very good quality). But this Christmas, I had the opportunity to try the new professional pinceleria that removed. Love at first sight…

Can you explain a bit better what makes these brushes are so special, I went to the corner of Make Up For Ever at Sephora the Triangle and I attended there, kindly Mary who informed me super well and allowed me to take some pictures.

、It’s a new range consisting of seventy-six professional brushes, that in Spain we can acquire forty of them. People here don’t they can have, I won’t talk about, because it would be encaprichar me something hard I’m going to be able to buy me; but we here have, these want to details because I I will buy all!! (slowly, that Yes).

I must admit that I have fallen in love of these brushes with these brushes, although there are that they are double and do not seem very practical. Entrance because Hey, it seems that Yes, because in a same brush you have several uses, but to save… it seems to me that one of the two parts of the brush is suffering. No, definitely, although they take up more space, I prefer simple brushes. Do you prefer what?

Each of these brushes are made of handcrafted with latest technology very resistant, materials such as synthetic fibers of high quality 100% free of animal cruelty, which ensure a silky and soft outcome in each pass.

Told me Maria, there are three types of brushes that are differentiated in function fiber used to be creardos and serving each of the types, different responsibilities.There are WAVY brushes and STRAIGHT brushes, brushes WAVYSTRAIGHT.

WAVY brushes have more squishy and looser wavy fiber. They have a light density and maximum flexibility. They are perfect to apply fewer product and at the same time blend.

STRAIGHT brushes have straight and smooth fiber, are more consistent and more dense and populated. They help to apply more product, concentrating color in its use. They are brushes which give us finishes more covering and precise.

WAVY and STRAIGHT: they combine the two types of fibers and their finish is intermediate. Apply enough product but they blur it very easily leaving an intense finish but without excesses.


To apply and mix all kinds of make-up bases. It facilitates a quick application on large surfaces. Use a uniform result and high coverage.

Expert advice: thanks to its large size, can be used to apply makeup in the body (shoulders, neckline).

P.V.P.: €36.70

Their bristles taper makes that its tip is sharpened to get to any area. It can be used with any type of makeup base for fast and uniform results.
The Expert Council: may also be used for structuring, sculpt and add colour to the face and cheeks.
P.V.P.: €46,70

Very soft texture, this brush with two sows at different heights can be used to apply makeup Foundation powder or liquid, for a natural result.
The Expert Council: its extreme softness makes this brush perfect even for the application

makeup on sensitive skins.
P.V.P.: €46,70

It ensures a smooth application even for loose powder and creates a light and flawless result.

The Expert Council: apply the product large movements with the brush on the face or body (arms, legs, etc.) to obtain a smooth result.

P.V.P.: €50,10

Soft, flexible and accurate, it is perfect to apply loose powder or makeup powder with high precision in certain areas of the face, for an impeccable result.
The Expert Council: is ideal for highlighting with lights and shadows the contours of the face and body.
P.V.P.: €50,10

Brush very soft, perfect for a quick and light of all kinds of powder application. Due to its large and soft bristle, ensures a light finish. It can be used on face and body.
Expert advice: use it to apply products with glitter and iridescent.
P.V.P.: € 53,40

Multipurpose brush highlight the contours to sculpt the face. Used to illuminate the area desired and to highlight the cheeks and eyes.
P.V.P.: €36.70

A classic brush adapted to all kinds of application of Rouge. Its flexibility makes it easier and faster to create a healthy blush.
The Expert Council: this brush is specially adapted to the application of the Mat Bronze or powders

P.V.P.: €36.70

For a classic application, this brush is used to apply concealers that conceal imperfections such as dark circles and wrinkles.
Expert advice: professional makeup artists who work in television use this brush to define the outline of the lips and the shape of the mouth.
Retail Price: €23.40

A brush to apply corrective products in specific areas of the face, to cover the imperfections.

The Expert Council: used to get a precise application and mixing all kinds of products.
P.V.P.: €23.40


Thanks to its small size, it is perfect for applying the product in areas reduced as eyelashes or eyelids line and guarantees intense results.
The Expert Council: its rounded and firm end allows you to combine different textures.
P.V.P.: €23.40

Used to blend products accurately in the crease of the eye.
The Expert Council: essential brush in any bag to mix and apply products accurately to create volume, shaded effects and create reliefs.
P.V.P.: €26.70

For a basic, to use, mix and blur quickly all kinds of eye products. Use for a result uniform and intense.
The Expert Council: is precise, perfect to create angled shapes and impeccable make-up.
P.V.P.: €26.70

Use to apply, mix and blend quickly all kinds of products for the eyes. Its narrow shape allows you to extend a moderate amount of product in the zone that you want to.
The Expert Council: this brush is very valuable for its versatility.
P.V.P.: €33,40

Especially useful for beginners, its angular form is used for a uniform and homogeneous application of products in the upper eyelid.
The Expert Council: apply with her shades on the brow bone to create a look that stands out.
P.V.P.: €33,40

Ideal for use with textures in cream and liquid, since it ensures a controlled application to draw precise lines as eyeliner.
The Expert Council: its extreme precision allows you to draw lines of eyeliner eyes or more creative designs very easily.
P.V.P.: €20

A 2 in 1 for eyelashes and eyebrows: brush and “spiral brush”: fill in and defined the line with the angular brush. Then comb the eyebrows or separates the lashes with the spiral brush.
Expert advice: useful for very fast application and retouching before leaving home.
P.V.P.: €26.70


A brush ultra practical and clean in his stroke, who has to sneak in your makeup daily touch-up kit. Use to apply any lips bar quickly, as well as lipsticks.
Expert advice: professional makeup artists also used this lip brush, because of its small size, for applying concealers and other products for the outline or the eye area.
P.V.P.: €26.70

They have also brought a specific cleaner along with this line of brushes and brushes.It’s a very volatile oils and non-alcoholic product. Clean the brushes and disinfect them without drying them. Suitable for brushes of synthetic fibers and natural hair brushes.

I can not give you reference if it goes well or goes wrong, because this personally have not tested it (yet). I will keep you informed.

Input, it strikes me its size, container is very small. I leave this picture as a reference so you can see it sustained between my fingers.

And after seeing this would not give you want to run out and pick up all? To me if… in fact, in my letter to the three kings, some have asked to bring me jijijiji