My Organized House #3: 3 Solutions to Store Bedding

This week he plays back to resolve your doubts of organization through “Organized home” section.

Already some time ago, Blanca Maciel, wrote me to ask me the most suitable place to store your sheets:

“I would like to answer me where to save the sheets, I don’t like keep in boxes under the bed.” Thank you. “How many sets of sheets do you have?

I tend to repeat over and over again, sometimes the problem is not that you don’t have storage space at home, but that you have too many things.

In the case of sheets, having 2 sets of sheets for each bed is more than enough. If I hurry, for visits room having only a game, you could manage you, provided that your visits are not long-term. So touch review your bed sheets sets and see how many you have and get rid of them that they have more.

Have at hand more frequently

We tend to change bed sheets every week, Max every 15 days, and If you leave them little accessible means to make double effort: when save sheets and when you have to get them to make the change of bed linen.

So it is best to allocate a specific place and that not you find it uncomfortable to store linens.

I give you several options so that you can choose which best fits your home and your lifestyle:

Linen Cabinet

If you have room at home, used a wardrobe to store linens (sheets, towels, etc.), is the best solution since you have in a single place all clothing Exchange.

But it is true that this is not the general situation, since current floor space in a closet tends to be very tight.
A drawer or shelf for all your sheets

It is an intermediate solution, not you spend around a closet to change clothes, but if part of it.Sure that somewhere in the House, either in a closet or in a comfortable, can do hollow for a drawer or shelf for your sheets.

You can so first you have to remove some of your belongings that you have saved in those drawers or shelves. As they say “there is no evil that good doesn’t come”. Once you have it, save in the savannas of the entire House. It is also a very comfortable solution and you have concentrated all your linen in a place.

Joint solution: Each set of linens in your room

It can be that you’ve managed to make space on a shelf or drawer of a wardrobe or chest of drawers in your home, but still you do not fit all the sheets of the House.

First let’s look at the situation. Sheets of the guest room, do not change so often. So in this case, does not matter that you have them in boxes under the bed.

Still you do not fit all sheets in a place?

Well, then, you will have to make space elsewhere in the House.

Make it easy and if for example, the savannas of the room of the children have not fit you, find a hole somewhere of your room, but whenever you are comfortable and is handmade.

In this way, even if don’t have all the sheets in a place, that you have to hand at the time of making the change of bed.

Sure that you can fit one of these options in your home, whatever it is.

To next section “My house organized” the protagonist can be you.

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YOUR turn: Which usually keep bedding? What solution which I have given is more suited to your home?

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