Mozilla Wants to Make Lighter JPEG Images on the Web with Mozjpeg 2.0

Even with streaming audio and video services becoming increasingly popular, the images still accounting for a significant portion of the data traffic on the Internet. That’s why some organizations direct efforts to leave the lighter type files. This is the case of Mozilla, which just released version 2.0 of its mozjpeg compression tool.

As the name suggests, the mozjpeg works on JPEG files. The idea is to make images smaller type, but without affecting their quality (lossless). The first version of the technique was released in March this year promising to reduce the size of JPEG files up to 10% without changing its size or any other aspect of your display.

The problem is that the first version of mozjpeg was not unusual images do not come even close to 10% compression. With version 2.0, Mozilla expects to reduce the file reaches at least 5%, reaching 15%. It may seem little, but imagine saving features that sites that display images to millions of users can get.

From this point of view, it is not surprising Facebook be supporting the mozjpeg. The Mark Zuckerberg’s company has started testing version 2.0 and made ​​a donation of $ 60,000 to Mozilla to help in the development of mozjpeg 3.0. The object here is obvious: reduce the time of loading the content of the service, which is especially important in mobile Facebook apps.

If the idea is to reduce the size of images without affecting their quality, why not support the format WebP, from Google, which can be up to 34% less than the JPEG maintaining the same quality standards?

In the announcement of the first version of mozjpeg, Mozilla had explained that not opposed to WebP, but believes that try to optimize JPEG is important because of the extreme popularity of the format. Not least, compressed images with mozjpeg can be displayed in any software capable of handling the format, one not requiring plug – specific or an update for both.

You can learn more about it in mozjpeg page on GitHub or in this mailing list.