Motorola Moto Z2 Play

One step forward, two steps back

Conclusion of the 26.07.2017

In the test, the Motorola Moto makes Z2 play while a good figure, must himself Despite a better in parts but behind his predecessor ranks. Because the first Z well had an excellent battery life, which is the Z2 play just play. The manufacturer also on the photo quality is a step backwards. The pictures are fine, but miss details. Like its predecessor also the Z can be very simple modular extended play of second generation on request, what especially playful possibilities.

Moto Z2 play: the Moto mod makes the music

Motorola believes in modular smart phones. Also that the 5.5-inch Z2 play is compatible with the so-called Moto-mod system and you can extend about dockable backs. Important to the success of this system is its simplicity, the manufacturer says. And this is correct: for modular here does not mean frickelig, but are flexible. On the back of the Moto Z2 play some small contacts about the mods Moto connect with the mobile are located. Attaching a magnet hidden in the back is used, allowing you to the mods in the ongoing operations without tool change. This idea is quite a bit here – lives and ultimately falls with the quality of the mods.

To promote this unique selling proposition, sold the Moto Motorola Z2 play in Germany in a bundle with a JBL branded docking speaker, called Soundboost 2, which normally costs 100 euros. The sound we like pretty good – that was already the case with its predecessor the we also in the test had. The sound is superior with decent bass and every cell phone speaker loud and clear. However reached the Moto Z2 play including Soundboost 2 pretty chunky proportions and not more comfortable fit in tighter Pant pockets.

Weaknesses of the expansion modules

Alternatively, there are new Anclipp back with 3,490 mAh battery (MOTO TurboPower Pack, 69 euros) or with Qi-loading functionality. Also a gamepad to come. If you like easier docking simple back with no additional features to vary the look of the phone. On the Motorola Web site there is a Overview of all mods.

The module system has no disadvantages – apart from the slightly industrial look of mobile phones without back -. Some of the extravagant mods enlarge mobile phone however so much that users rather will lead them in a bag with them than in your pocket. Also settled some mods like the speaker theoretically as an external accessory via Bluetooth pairing and have only limited value to about stand-alone Bluetooth boxes for us in comparison. In addition, slip the mods on the back a little back and forth and thus reduce the otherwise very good feel of the Z2 play.

Moto is Z2 play slim and elegant

Processing of the Moto Z2 play there is little to expose. The phone is very narrow (without MOD), and elegant effect thanks to the rear of the metal. If you want, although can use it without mods, but then it makes impression of unfinished or industrial externally rather because the pins on the back can be seen and the camera stands out very far. Unfortunately, Motorola gives up an IP-67 or – 68-certificate, to ensure protection of continuous immersion in fresh water. In the conversation we were told that the phone will probably survive these small accidents – but rely user may not be just.

It broadcasts data over USB-type-C USB-3.1 standard. A headphone from is still at Motorola. On the front there is a photo light for Selfies by the way – this is rather a rare feature. Wireless charging not supported the device without appropriate mods.

Z2 play: Setbacks at battery and camera

One of the figureheads of the first Moto Z play was his great battery life by almost 12 hours. Since the manufacturer on the successor but has reduced to 3,000 mAh battery capacity by 15 percent, is this time for Moto-Z2-play-user in the distance. In our online run-time test the device on 9:16 hours comes. Thanks to fast charging, the charging time is only 96 minutes. Who wants more runtime or needs, must buy the Moto mod extra.

We were quite surprised at the test, but the Moto scores Z2 play also in the digicam-note the older model. The effective resolution of 12 megapixels camera (measured in line pairs) is lower than its 16-Megapixel predecessor, which is not surprising. At the same time, we measure but also a higher noise and bother us in the subjective Visual Test to the distinctive soft focus, which partly wiped out textures in areas, but at least visible levels. This is the case especially in dim light conditions. Unfortunately, also an optical image stabilizer is missing. Bottom line, the photo quality is a step backwards while alright – but nevertheless.

Moto has a good display Z2 play

The Moto-Z2-play to fans of large image areas is aimed with its 5.5-inch full-HD display. ² radiates the screen with 460 cd / m not spectacularly, but sufficiently bright. While burning the Sun not directly on the front panel, you can use it easily. AMOLED technology you can enjoy rich colors and a nearly perfect black. Inside, a middle-class processor with eight cores, the Snapdragon 626, which offers solid performance works. The system reacts fast, even in the browser can be without juddering scrolling – for mobile gamers there but more powerful models like the Snapdragon 835.

Fast responding as well the fingerprint scanner that not but serves by default as a home button. Because Motorola relies on a software toolbar in the meaning of Google’s. We find something bad in this case would be enough space on the housing for capacitive buttons and a software bar reduces the effective area of the image when it is displayed.

Sound equipment

About the Moto app can however change and place all control functions in the fingerprint scanner button. Motorola way, again waived a status LED for displaying missed messages in its current models. Instead, you must briefly on the phone or take in the hand, to activate the so-called activity display. This time and important information, it displays the screen for a moment.

The Z2 play sparks only for the Wi-Fi N standard and moves data at up to 300 Mbps of the LTE network. Pretty lush is the internal memory, the users effectively almost 51 GByte space offers. Also it can be expanded via memory card. The dual-SIM slot last but not least is useful for non-European travel or for business purposes.

Android 7.1 update promise

The almost unchanged Android in the Google sense is typical of many Motorola Smartphones of the past few years. There is therefore no extravagent modified user interface or dozens of additional features baked directly into the firmware. Instead, you get a slim and fast reactive system that wants to keep Motorola for about two years or two main versions of the Android. In addition, monthly security updates are pending. That’s fine.