Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch Review

Although the Apple Watch has come on the market with the expectation and the advertising of any other brand campaign, its mystery was its main attraction. The Moto 360 on the other hand was spotted, six months before its release and its circular display is immediately became a great success for the Android Wear devices – The operating system of Google smartwatch.

Now that the Moto 360 is among us, its distribution will be its success? The model looks good and attractive as in the pictures, but can cope with the frenzy of our whole day? Read our review to find out.

Moto 360 Review: Design, Construction, Display

First impressions count and Motorola the road is still long. Writing this review we found that the  Moto 360 is a lot more often than we’d hoped, with a depth of around 1 cm on the wrist. In first this aspect can be mildly annoying, but after a few uses the feeling fucked. It is, however, a symptom that tells us that the Moto 360 has the same problems of its competitors: this is a first-generation technology and much remains to be fare. Ma overcome this initial hesitation, we can start to appreciate the Moto 360 for that which is. Sure, it’s more often than we’d hoped, but we quickly realize that it is actually a clock  very stylish. This is the key word – elegant -: other Android watches have managed to become, after the recent updates, acceptable devices, but the Moto 360 may be defined by as a real watch.

There are two choices available regarding the construction materials: stainless steel – we tried and preferred – or black, which looks extremely shiny and mysterious. The steel case is well worked and it was built in one body lacks antiestetiche. Anche the lines on the right side button is a nice tribute to watches from traditional wrist, although it has a real useful purpose except to illuminate the screen, you can still illuminate when activated. The Moto 360 catches admiring glances thanks to the beautiful clean lines and subtle bevel.

The Moto 360 comes with a leather strap, available in gray or black off. It is made ??leather Horween, a particular type of very soft leather, recommended for those who can not stand a classic watch. Fortunately, the strap is replaceable for anyone with a modicum of skill, then you can always choose something different.

The circular display of the Moto 360  is a kind of vanguard in the epoch of the smartwatch, and had it not been for the LG G Watch R come to try and put in a corner the Moto 360, we could forgive some of its weaknesses, even if there are poche. Non bezel on the dial of the 360 that really helps a lot in improving the appearance and oompletezza the design. Maximize space and helps to place the 360 as part of clocks rather than in that of simple wearable wrist. The lack of a display AMOLED could bring the most demanding to look to other models such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear R.  The Moto, despite the excellent conditions, actually it uses only a screen  LCD. The result is a display that is significantly more grainy than the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch R.

For the rest, the screen falls entirely within the average of the smartwatch and has good reading skills. Despite the choice of using an LCD display so, this  wearable has a bright and crisp screen, so that a casual observer could actually mistake it for a real clock.

The black strip at the bottom of the display that borders on the screen might not appeal to some, of taste issues. In fact, what we have just mentioned is the very useful ambient light sensor, a feature only of the Moto 360, which reduces or increases the brightness of the screen depending on the level of light around you. The ambient light sensor is a feature that we find in a few smartwatch currently, although this functionality is actually very useful, both as regards the saving of battery, both the health of their eyes.

Moto 360 Review: Features and OS

To conserve battery power, the Moto 360 display is turned off for most of the time and is automatically turned on again with a movement of the arm, revealing the face of the watch, as soon as we look at the screen – or at least that would be the idea. Be sure to always get a quick and accurate response without a movement a little bit contrived is impossible. The lighting function is strongly stimulated with decisive movements. The screen lights up in each case with a simple touch, in addition to the aforementioned lipitor generic leg pain movement.

Activating the ambient light sensor we get the result that remain lit display, saving battery by automatically adjusting brightness.

The Moto 360 wants to be, first, a real watch in effect, but will not be its hardware to prevent it, even the Moto finds himself inside excellent structural components. Motorola needs right now to improve the detection of movement for improve the user experience and we hope that this can be addressed through the firmware already in the next update.

There are a number of functions integrated into the Moto 360, many of which relate to health. Google Fit keeps track of your steps and your heart rate, heart activity fixed for you a goal of 30 minutes of moderate activity a day and follows your progress and Google Keep lets you take notes using your voice. Simple huh?

Speech recognition is generally good, even in noisy situations. We have a chance to review the sent voice messages, just like in a smartphone.

The wearable 360 Motorcycle runs on Android Wear, compatible with any Android 4.3 device or higher. The Moto 360 software makes it possible to interact with the wrist gadgets using gestures and voice, and in fact, one of the highlights of the device is that it allows users to perform certain actions via intelligent voice commands.

Moto 360 Smartwatch Review: Hardware and Construction Materials

Update: Motorola has confirmed that its 360 will soon Wi-Fi support with an update for Android Wear. This to the experts is a big step forward because the Moto 360 is currently using a processor Texas Instruments which is potentially lower than the latest processor Snapdragon 400 found in most other Android Wear SmartWatch as on LG G Watch R.  Motorola has recently published a post on its official blog that the Moto 360 will from now on the Wi-Fi support, along with new controls by movements of the wrist, support emoji hand-drawn and above all a better optimization of the applications that dreneranno less battery.

Unlike most of the smartphone, the specifications under the hood of smartwatches do not matter that much. You do not need a lot of computing power, and overall, the Moto 360 appears sharp, vibrant, and responsive.

That said, the hardware Moto 360 is slightly above average, with specific half-way in each sector compared to its competitors.

The LCD screen of 1.5 inches has a resolution of 320 x 320 and 205 pixels per inch (PPI) , and is certainly not the sharpest of the screen, but it is still an excellent screen. This result, however, is overshadowed by the appalling specifications from Samsung Gear S comes to more than 300PPI.

To make the computing power to this smartwatch from circular design is a Texas Instruments OMAP 3 processor that is a return to the past, having been successfully installed for the first time on smart phones more than four years ago. Certainly the processor will not be at the same height as the Qualcomm Snapdragon, but either way it can do its job properly. Who needs a Snapdragon on a smartwatch? . We have not noticed any slowdown or delay even if Motorola had he opted for a more updated processor, could enable better battery life.

There are also 512MB of RAM and 4GB of memory both more than satisfactory for the use that we will make this smartwatch.

There are also two sensors: a pedometer that continuously monitors your activity and compares it with the pre-established goals and an optical heart rate monitor on the back of clock. The tracking of the steps seems quite accurate , as the heart rate monitor that after a limping start has recovered great.

Moto 360 Review Battery: The Battery Life 

The battery life is the most important thing in the world of wearable devices and each has different opinions on how long your sports companion should last. Everyone likes to see their own smartwatches last a week, like the Pebble, but when it comes to color LCD and OLED, this is not really feasible at this time, with good reason!

The compromise, we could say, is that our devices should easily last all day, and the Moto 360 is able to do very well, perhaps even due. In general, we would like to go home after a long day in the city with around 40% of our remaining battery and including the monitoring of an hour of running. This is not impossible for the smartwatch Motorola.

The Moto uses wireless charging functionality to charge the device, which is a method for comfortable and functional charging, for a weekend away from home is not the best in transportation but kudos to Motorola.