More Women Cyclists in New York

The number of women cyclists have doubled in the last four years in new York city in the United States. The female presence among those who pedaled, although still minority, rose to 23.6% of the total, second study of Hunter College.

The research, promoted by the students of the New Yorker University, has extensively analysed the behaviour of 4,300 cyclists before the increase in the number of bicycle paths and the bicycle sharing program.

The survey pointed out that 49.8% of cyclists wear the helmets, a reasonable increase in relation to 2009, when only 29.9% were adept at the equipment. The study presents the possibility of the search for more safety, since increasingly cycling on non-exclusive routes for cyclists.

Curious data is also part of the survey. Did you imagine that 41% of New Yorkers don’t stop at the stoplight when they pedal? Yes, that’s right. In addition, 13% are on the wrong side of the bike.

The data is interesting by showing that even in places sometimes considered more “civilized” – for having the bicycle longer in the urban scenario, among other possible reasons – still undergo a process of education and adaptation. Hunter College points to the growth of a peaceful and conscious living in transit. The tendency, after all, is to evolve and live safely.

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