More Homemade Gifts 10 Simple and Easy to Make

We want both, but both encourage you to make gifts with children, even after having published 100 ideas in the text 10 posts with tips on homemade gifts, today has over 10 suggestions for homemade gifts simple and easy to make.

1. Heart Of Wool

Just wool and cardboard for the kids to do the heart photo teaches you how to do in this post here. I loved so much!

2. Portrait Of Fingers

Very creative’s suggestion: you customize a picture making a frame of fingers and still makes a picture “lit” of the children.

3. Napkin Ring Beads

I love to decorate my dining table with napkin rings fofos nor those that teaches you how to do in this post here.

4. Door Lego Pencil

Got Legos laying around? How about inventing a gift with them. One idea is to make a pencil that not one of the, which breaks, has space for a picture of the kids.

5. Clay Pots

That didn’t look great countertop with a clay bowl nor those of the our site? The beauty of this idea is that even small children, from 2 to 4 years, can have fun doing it!

6. Door Glasses (Or Rest Of Pan) Of Cork

Depending on the diameter of the circle of Cork, you can make a coaster or rest of pots with the tips that gave no Innerchildfun.comthis post here.

7. Tin Lantern

These lanterns are more laborious, but if you have the minimum of skill, done is so beautiful it’s worth the effort. The walkthrough is detailed in this post from our site.

8. Printed Napkin

You can make EVA stamps, like us teaches in this video here, and customize napkins using paint for fabric.’s idea that you confer here.

9. Portrait Of Newspaper Flowers

I thought the idea of turning old newspaper sheets on flowers and use them to decorate the frame of a portrait. The effect is amazing. You learn properly how to do in this post from

10. Printed Dish Towels

The solution the found to make a pattern of dots in the dishcloth is great. Worth looking at the original post just to check it out!

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