More a Streaming Music Service: Rhapsody Arrives in Brazil in Partnership with the Earth Under the Name Napster

More a streaming music service came to Brazil. The earth did this morning a press conference in Sao Paulo to officially announce the launch of Napster, the result of an agreement between Telefónica Digital and Rhapsody, the company that owns the rights to the famous Napster brand since 2011. It will replace the Sonora from November 1, when the Land of service subscribers will be migrated to Napster.

Napster, which in the US is called Rhapsody, arrives in Brazil with more than 10 million music library. The number is less than those disclosed by competitors, but they hope to expand quickly catalog: according to James Ramazzini, vice president of Napster for Latin America, the forecast is that Napster will reach more than 18 million songs in Brazil until December.

The Earth does not disclose the number of subscribers of Sonora, but says he hopes to increase the base by 30% with the migration to Napster. Migration, by the way, should happen naturally for current users of Sonora playlists, for example, will be transferred to the new service. Somewhere between 97% and 99% of Sonora content it is also present in Napster, so users should not have major problems with the change.

Unlike what was reported earlier, Napster will offer two plans in Brazil, not just one. The cheapest is the Web Napster, which costs R $ 8.90 per month and gives unlimited access to 10 million songs catalog, but only on the computer. To listen to music on up to three different mobile devices, including offline, you must subscribe to Napster Premium, for R $ 14.90 per month. There are applications compatible with Android and iOS, both adapted interface for tablets.

Unfortunately, there is no free plan. The tasting period for Napster Premium is seven days. In addition to loose plans, the Earth promises to offer packages with Napster in conjunction with other services of the company.

We like enough of streaming music services: they are a good option to listen to music legally without spending too much money buying physical or digital albums. With a fixed monthly fee, you can have access to a library with millions of songs. Representatives of Sony labels, Universal and Som Livre, which were in the collective agree, noting that the concept of “ownership” of music was losing relevance with time, especially among younger people. There are so eager to “get” music, as before.

But with so many streaming services in Brazil and the imminent arrival of Spotify, which should appear in the coming days, will that Napster has room here? It is difficult: there is no great advantage over competitors. However, the Earth will use its strength in the country (there are millions of subscribers in Brazil) and will take his team to create content to offer not only music on Napster, but also editorial content, such as information about the artists.

Available a few days ago in Brazil, Napster may already be signed on the official website. You must have an international credit card: Napster page is showing the dollar amounts (Napster Premium costs $ 6.85, equivalent to R $ 14.90), probably due to recent restrictions on banks with international transactions made in reais.