Modern Wall Clocks

To decorate your home with an innovative touch , we present this time some models of modern clocks for the walls. Many are truly amazing and in this article you will find examples of other originals.

If we want to get out of the ordinary when placing a wall clock in your home, get ready to be inspired by these innovative designs arranged by localtimezone. You will really be surprised to see that many look like true works of art.

A great exponent in the subject is the artist Steve Cambronne , he has created a series of brightly colored and attractive wall clocks with truly sculptural shapes. They are made of metal and can provide a retro and yet modern touch to your environments. The variety is huge and we can find models of wall and stand. The prices vary from 100 to 200 euros.

On the other hand we have Uhrzahl , a very original watch designed by Christos Vittoratos, which seems at first sight a set of chaotic numbers, but allows reading the time without any problem.

Thus we see that the clocks are no longer just functional elements to be incorporated into the decoration of all spaces. The ideas and forms are so original that they can become the true focal points of a room.
On the other hand, modern lines are often combined with the classic styles in these watches making them interesting.

The latest trend then is far removed from the well-known traditional watches, the current shapes have left aside the typical circular frame to fit any media and material.So do not hesitate to get your own modern clock, surely you will not find any that look alike and you will have a touch of distinction in your house.