Models of Boyfriend Shorts

Boyfriend Shorts, 2013 Fashion.

Well, it’s the boyfriend shorts that arrived very slowly and they are already there for a while, they continue with everything for the 2013 season. Given the impression that you took your boyfriend’s or brother’s pants and took the scissors, these pieces give you a stripped-down look , comfortable and very modern.

Gorgeous they can come with that detonated face, broken and poorly finished, with shredded bars, or even with more finished bar, and younger appearance. In dark or lighter washings, they really fit all tastes and styles.

A fashion that caught women in full, especially the younger ones, bringing a style of numbering always bigger than normal, low hook turned world fever already there in 2009 when it began to spread among celebrities.

According to, boyfriend shorts can be worn in many ways, with thick socks, blouses and tops, with jackets, regattas, baby looks, during the day. And on the feet boots, creeps or sneakers, sandals. Whether you want to create a look for the evening bet in combinations with transparencies, tapestry, boleros, brilliance, and feet, ankle boots, scarpins, peep toes and accessories like earrings, bracelets and others besides purses wallets or even handles ends and long.