Models for Men’s Jackets

Meet some models of 2015 men’s jackets that promise to be quite successful during the cold that is to arrive, soon, in certain regions of the country.

It is approaching the end of summer and with it the arrival of the colder months of the year, during autumn and winter.To protect against the icy wind, which usually appears in some cities, at this time, jackets are a very interesting alternative.

Models for men’s jackets 2015

There are several types of men’s jackets, to suit all tastes and styles, and can also be used on different occasions, whether for a ballad with friends, for an outdoor music festival, for that walk in the mountainous regions , for college classes or even to go to work.

That is, while protecting yourself from the lower temperatures, common especially in winter, you also get a stylish piece that can give a new face to your look.

Check out, below, some 2015 models of jackets for men.

Leather jacket

The classic leather jacket is a great success, especially among rock fans, motorcycle enthusiasts and men who like to be fashionable.

Prices:from R $ 119,90

Where to buy:Renner, Dafiti, Leathers Online

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Denim jacket

Another classic model that you can not miss in your wardrobe.

Prices:from R $ 159,90

Where to buy:Hering, Americanas, Dafiti

Sports Jackets

Protect yourself from the cold wearing a jacket with the colors of your heart team.

Prices:from R $ 99,90

Where to buy:Netshoes, Centauro

Safari Jacket

Of militaristic influence, it brings several large pockets and is very handy for various occasions.

Prices:from R $ 129,90

Where to buy:Dafiti, Winter Workshop

Trench Coat

It matches the more formal occasions.

Prices:from R $ 179,90

Where to buy:Camisaria RG


It protects well from the cold, being good for the coldest regions.

Prices:from R $ 229,90

Where to buy:Nike


Chess never goes out of style and can also appear in beautiful men’s jackets.

Prices:from R $ 89,90

Where to buy:Alma de Praia, Renner, Shops Pompeia

Men’s Bomber Jacket

Quite versatile, it fits both cooler days and cooler ones.

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Prices:from R $ 229,90

Where to Buy:Timberland, Dafiti, Nike