Models Falling on Runway Compilation

Even at Milan fashion week for the spring-summer 2012 models were dropped. Gangway che vai, mannequin, which ruins the soil while trips on her dress or lose your balance on stilts that put them on your feet, you find. The specter of each model is that. Do not grease and no fear of some imperfections on the skin of the face the night before fashion shows, but a disastrous fall to the ground. Because if you fall during a parade, be assured that it did not go unnoticed. With all the photographers present, how could it?

Since the world began, the models falling on the catwalk. Your finger should be aimed primarily against the shoes that designers wear at poor girls on duty. Sometimes they’re so giddy, he barely manages to stand on those stilts. Let alone if the poor models can dare walk with style and grace, under the watchful eyes of thousands of strangers!
But often the models that fall to the ground on the catwalk must blame toclothes, maybe a bit too long. Or at the walkway itself, which is not always done thinking them over models ‘ beautiful, but still human, must walk.

In short, small incidents which, I confess, make for a fun fashion shows on Directoryaah.
But not only these incidents that may happen on the catwalk. We also have clothes that lose the pieces and people who collects them, when you cannot possibly interfere with catwalks, but also models intent to adjust garments that are not in their place. Who knows that happy stylists!