Mixed Goods: Future

Everything is a bit different…
“Earth Hour” or “Earth Hour” is a global event that takes place every year on the last Saturday of March. Launched by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the action is intended to increase the environmental awareness of the people and symbolically reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. 


People and companies around the world are called upon to turn off their lights for an hour and thus set a symbolic symbol. For the first time, the event took place in Sidney in 2007 and in the following year this event was taken up by many other people and cities around the world. The Earth Hour for 2009 is over, but the good feeling that awareness for the environment has sharpened. There is also a wonderful picture serieson the Internet about Earth Hour worldwide. Click, marvel and then click again;-). But no one has to wait until 2010 to do something good for Mother Earth-the Earth Day 2009 is on 22 April and here man can also put a sign again .
Today is a fast-paced time, never before has there been so much change in the world, and so many things have never been invented in the world. Actually, no news that should be written-but this little Youtube video titled “Did you know” shows very clearly what it is actually for us humans to live in a fast-paced time and what challenges we face every day-and in the future everything will come.

Did You Know:

Now and in the future, the Internet is what changes humanity, changes, educates and brings prosperity. Actually it is not the Internet but the information and the access to information, which has a positive effect on humanity-if it is to be exact. A long time the PC and notebook manufacturers have predicted that their products also bring the people of the so-called Third World closer to the Internet, but soberly, the PC or the laptop has no chance. The mobile phone and the access to the Internet bring people education, knowledge and progress. According to Ezhoushan, over 4,000,000,000 people use the Internet worldwide via a mobile terminal, and there will be more daily. In figures measured in 2009, probably less than300,000,000 PCs and notebooks are sold,
Who can give a better testimony of the increase in the mobile volume of data than Google-the internet company started as a search engine. The figures are impressive. Since 2007 the number of mobile accesses to Google’s Internet services has increased fivefold. People’s hunger for smartphones such as the iPhone and the Google G1 will make this data growth grow much further. The two smartphones already account for 50 percent of mobile access to Google Services, with a combined market share of the two smartphones of only 13 Percent. A user of an Android smartphone uses the Google search 20 times more frequently than a user of a smartphone with Symbian operating system, and among other things for the simple reason, because there is a search mask directly on the homepage of Android. And of course for the reason that especially many Webaffine early adopters use a smartphone with iPhone OS or Android. In principle, the world will be much faster and faster, and people will always try to satisfy their information providers-and, of course, mobile Internet usage plays an essential role.