Miluna Jewellery Online

For a chic and refined woman, from classic pearl wires up to customized bracelets with charms. The new collection is online Miluna.

Created to tell the love, the Miluna jewels feature a wide range of proposals in gold and silver, but also precious stones of the highest quality pearls crafted by master goldsmiths.The Miluna jewels are precious as gifts on important occasions: it is no coincidence that since 1977 is the official sponsor of Miss Italy . There are many collections that are inspired by this national event for which you create crowns, earrings, bracelets and necklaces packaged exclusively.

One of Miluna Jewels features is the customization. The “Love becomes a game” proposes a set of customizable and modular bracelets through which you can give vent to their imagination and creativity to create a unique jewel and unrepeatable.



In all Miluna Jewels lines are more or less showy rings, from simple gold band adorned with diamonds to the most gaudy rings with precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, or topaz of all sizes and in some cases even with diamonds. Rings very youth that we reflect perfectly the brand’s philosophy.


Symbol of love for centuries, the lone represents the promise of eternal love and Miluna proposals are truly exceptional. All the classic shapes with a raised diamond, but there are also those most visible as the “line Eternity” a continuous band of diamonds and the more classic Trilogy.


Even for the earrings are a wide range although the proposals are very simple and not very showy. Miluna Jewels for its line of earrings favors small light points, pearls or earrings with precious stones like topaz, do not overdo it in the sizes and flashiness.


To Miluna pearls devotes an entire collection “La Perla Regina”, a high class line composed of strings of pearls and diamonds. The pearl has always symbolized purity and Miluna chooses for his creation only the best even if it comes to pearls, but coming from the oyster mother Hyriopsis cumingi.


Diamonds in Miluna creations are not lacking and are used to give light and beauty to the one who wears them. The diamonds used are very precious and composed of 57 facets that allow the viewing of eight hearts, from this detail takes the name of the collections dedicated to them “Diamonds 8 Hearts”.

Light point

How could they miss the lights in Miluna Jewels creations. Earrings and necklaces delicate and refined with diamond set in a white gold structure which can be round or braided to create movement. These lights are the perfect jewelry for the bride to wear during the wedding, according to