Midi Skirts – Tips, Fabrics, Prints and Cuts

Begging of the wardrobe of thousands of women, the skirts bring femininity and increase any production. A model that has been winning more and more fans is the midi skirt. This model has a length below the knee and can be just, pleated and even round.

Midis skirts are successful both in autumn/winter when they can be worn with pantyhose and are found in heavier fabrics such as leather and velvet, and in spring/summer when they are found in lighter fabrics such as chiffon and floral prints, for example.

Many classic skirts are made in medium size, among them: pencil skirt, evasé, godê, straight, pleated and pleated. The midis skirts are found whole in one color, in ethnic fabrics, bicolored, striped, plaid, and so on. However, many women are in doubt when it comes to wearing the midi skirt, which model to choose and how to match.

The Cashola comes today to remove all these doubts, give tips and help you find the model that most value your body type. All for you to hit full production with this piece. To choose the best midi skirt model you need to pay attention to both your personal style, personality and tastes, as well as your physical size.

Regardless of the type of clothing, you have to be attentive to modeling, since each type of silhouette has one that fits you best. Remembering that any woman, with any type of physical, can wear the midi skirt, you just have to take some care.


Midi skirt for tall women:

The taller ones can and should abuse this skirt model, especially with longer cuts. Longer models look great on tall women and can be combined with high heels, low-heeled boots, low-heeled boots, oxfords, all-star sneakers and low-heeled shoes (which are great for summer). If you are tall and adept at high heels, you can also invest in shoes models with square, thin heels and platforms.

Midi skirt for longer women/with wide hips:

The nicer and plus size women can use the mid skirt, however, some care must be taken. The most indicated models are the godê and modeling in format of ‘A’. Opt for models with dark colors and light, fluid fabrics. Pleated skirts with mirrored prints and vertical lines help lengthen the look. A good request is to complement with a V-neck top. Who has the wide hip tip is invest in skirts with straight cuts and light fabrics. Fair and bulky skirts should be avoided. In all these cases the best is to complement the look with high heels and that preferably let the feet appear, this helps to stretch the silhouette.

Midi skirt for short women:

The most common is that women with short stature think they can not wear a mid-skirt, but that is not true. Poor girls can and should abuse this trend. Ideally, the model should be a single color, with modeling straight and cut, so the silhouette is not cut. Avoid belts, they also contribute to the cut in the look. Invest in models in the knee or a little bit below and with high waist. The medium pencil skirt with super high waist combined with cropped helps to stretch the silhouette, nude shoes that leave the foot apparent help lengthen the legs.

Midi skirt for thin women:

Pleated, bulky fabrics (such as tulle) and prints bring more volume to the look. To look more full-bodied, a great model is the one with layers underneath. Make combinations with t-shirts and lighter shirts. For more destitute production abuse of sweatshirts and jeans shirts. For a more sophisticated look, combine with shirts or blouses of noble fabrics. Invest in a shoe that shows your style:it can be sneakers, rumpled sandals, boots, sneakers or if you prefer sandals and high-heeled shoes, thin or thick.



Get out midi just

The fair model is a kind of pencil skirt, the only difference being in length, the midi being just below the knee. The piece carries a lot of sensuality and can be worn with loose sweaters, t-shirts and short sweaters that will give a more modern look to the look. For a more sophisticated production combine with longer blazer (which covers the hips) and shirts.

Get out midi Godê

It is the typical round skirt, it has volume, swing and is very feminine. This model was widely used in the postwar years of the 1950s. There is also another version of this model, the double godé, which is even more armed, and not only in the bar, but from hip height. The advantage of this model is that it help give the impression of thinner waist.

Midi Skirt Envelope and Pareto Skirt

These models have overlaps and are very similar. The main difference is in the lashing of the skirt. Models with large ties and with waist volume are pareos and those that turn around and ”close” are envelopes. It is possible to use the ”envelope system” in straight models and the evasé skirt, but the classic model is what is neither straight nor open, but wraps around the body.

Midi skirt with pleats

The possibilities of models with pleats are many:folds big, small, female, male, with armadinho effect or loose in the body. Everything will depend on the fabric in which it is produced.

Pleated midi skirt

This model is also made with pleats. Anyone looking for a model that is loose on the body without getting too tight, this is the one asked, but it is important to be aware because it can increase the hip. The pleated skirt is between the straight skirt and the godê and can be made with several types of fabric from the finest, even fake leather and velvet.

Skirt midi with transparency

There are several models that use transparency, it gives a touch of sensuality and sophistication to midi skirts. The transparency can be used only in the bar, which gives a charming touch and does not reveal much the skin. It can also be a transparent fabric with a very short skirt and sequined underneath, leaving the model very modern. There are also models with income where transparency appears in detail. The cool thing is that it fits her style, she does well in sports productions, even in looks for parties and more formal occasions.

Midi skirt with flowing fabric

Among the fluid fabrics are crepe, viscose and chiffon. The cool thing is that midis skirts that have fluid fabrics convey sensuality, relaxation, joy and informality. Models produced with fluid fabrics give even more the touch of piece with vintage face. If you like the romantic style invest in light fabrics with delicate prints and lighter colors, if you want to break a little romanticism bet in heavier colors like black.


Midi skirt with cropped

These two combined pieces create a discreetly sexy and very modern production. If you do not like to leave your belly out, do not worry, choose a midi skirt model with the super-high waistband and let just one belly laugh appear. Depending on the pieces can be used both day-to-day and at parties.

Midi skirt with t-shirt

This combination makes the look super neat/fun and at the same time feminine. If you think it gets too basic, bet on a high heel and stylish accessories. This mix of casual and sophisticated pieces also gives an air of creativity to production. Bet on skirts with lighter fabrics, if you want something more stylish in jeans, if you want a more youthful footprint and plans, which are more structured.

Midi skirt with shirt

This is certainly the most elegant combination of them all. The look is discreet and super feminine.It is a great request for more serious environments such as the work environment. The shirt can be worn inside the skirt or can be knotted at the waist. Capriche the accessories and the shoe for an even more sophisticated production.