Midi Skirts Are Also For The Summer

You’ve seen at blogs of fashion, in specialized magazines, Blake Lively and a few girls in your city. Whenever you walk into a shop, there are, in skirt and dresses, they are the “midi”!

A cut between the knee and ankle, which became fashionable in the 1960s and who has returned to stay. Surely you remember the great Marilyn Monroe sheathed in a skirt cut midi tube as described in woman clothes, marking their impressive curves right?

Even pregnant, you can look stylish your midi, combined with an American skirt or blazer long. And for sample, Blake Lively!

This cut is back with force, and we know that when something comes back, it is often difficult to see again with that style, and more, when you don’t know if you will benefit! There are several styles, but two are those who have more presence: on the one hand, the skirts and dresses tube, that mark figure from the waist to below the knee, even up to the ankle; and on the other hand, those skirts and dresses type 50’s flight which give more volume to the body at the hips.

What we love this style is that visually lengthens our body and our legs, thinning them, both girls Petite as something higher, although in both cases, we must be careful with the shoes with which we combine this garment. For those girls with a type of body shape of hourglass, rectangle, circle and even triangle inverted, skirts and dresses tube are perfect, since to adhere to the body, highlights her curves and even mark the waist. In this way, we promote your figure, and it even manages to resemble the desired hourglass. However, the most voluminous style, with skirts of flight, are the best choice for triangle body types with the back and shoulders wider that the hips, since they will visually give volume in that area, visually balancing the body. They also allow a touch more cane with a perfect leather and a few heels, or transform it into one look more of daily with flat sandals or athletic shoes, and a point short jacket.

Do you know the best of this style? That you can wear it in any season of the year! In summer you can cheer with flat sandals, heels or sports, combine skirts with a t-shirt for daily or a shirt for a special moment, the options are endless! And in winter, don’t let this style in the closet: uses cold to match your dress or skirt midi with high heel boots or with some shoes,’m sure that not you take it you all season! And in any season, don’t forget to complete your set with season Accessories: handbags or shoulder bag, and maxi necklaces.

You have no excuse to not look this summer that skirt or dress that wanted so much to had get and don’t you dare, surely that das with the perfect look! Do you dare to show it?