Men’s Shirt Cuff Styles

The cuffs, hidden detail of the man’s shirt, make the difference in style. Mini guide to the choice of the cuffs and advice on the combination with the twins.

The quality of a shirt playing on the details: even hidden under his jacket, like the cuffs. They glimpsed just below the sleeve, two centimeters of tissue, not more. Yet, when it comes to style, they can make a difference.

The first decision to make is closing: buttons or twins?

Traditionally, as twins shirt is going to more elegant occasions. The cuff, in this case, is double (or “French”) and requires a “jewel button”, or the precious twins. If in the past it was destined almost exclusively to smoking, today as twins shirt has an attitude more transversal: Also one can wear with less formal clothes, such as broken, and even with jeans and blazer. In this case, one can opt for a single cuff to combine with casual twins, fabric or metal. The tie is not mandatory.

A small sartorial trick solves the dilemma between twins and buttons: the cuff to cuff with internal button, you can connect either way, depending on the occasion.

More common are the cuffs that fit more or less formal occasions. The double button, which can be horizontal or vertical, you can adjust the width of the pulse depending on the watch you wear.

The cuffs are also distinguished by the shape, which can be rounded (more elegant), blunt (versatile) or square (more casual). The choice depends primarily on the tastes, but it can also be driven by the shirt collar: the dandy will choose, for example, rounded neck and wrists.

Who wants to give his look a British touch can do just a very common habit in the men’s shirts shop : collars and cuffs are poplin white, contrasting with the base of the shirt, which can be striped, checkered or bright blue. In this case, tie and cuff links are a must.

Finally, a tip from a gentleman from another time: when does a tailored shirt, must be ordered neck and wrists parts. These will be washed from time to time, in time, to follow the “life” of the shirt: in this way, at the time of replacing them with those from the lysis time, they will not have a too new appearance. Thus, the old shirt has collars and cuffs perfectly matched.