Mens Shirt and Jeans Combination

The men’s jeans you can win a lot more interesting if used with a shirt. However, contrary to what most people believe, this combination does not mount a fine sport, but a casual chic that can be used in different situations to give a bit of elegance to a visual basic. Excellent choice for dressing well in everyday occasions. If you’ve never used the shirt jeans, it’s time to try this style.

Men’s jeans with social shirt

As I have explained before, the look with jeans and shirt is not recommended for weddings, parties and graduations are thin sports attire. It is best to choose slacks in these situations. The combination with jeans shirt is best for parties, business meetings.

One of the main questions of many men is if the social on the inside shirt or untucked men’s jeans. It depends only on you! The choice is very close to your body and style. Some men may feel very well in a ballad with the shirt into the pants and others can feel good with his shirt off in business meetings. It all depends on the style.

The only rule about wearing the shirt inside or outside the men’s c is if you choose to wear a blazer. In this case, the choice is for the shirt inside.

Two other important points is the choice of the belt and shoes. Are some of the most relevant points of the visual. When the choice is for a shoe, the look is a little more serious. The casual tennis allows a more stripped style. And the men’s boots are in the middle term.

The choice of the belt is more simple. In the decision, you must take into account the colour and size. It is essential that the size is adequate to the dealer the male jeans.

In choice of colours, there is very secret. Basic shirts and light colours combine with basically all types of men’s jeans. However, create contrasts of light with dark shirts, pants and vice versa, can leave the look much more interesting.

If you like the plaid shirt, the combination can be a little more difficult. In these cases, thedressexplorer will recommend pants with basic cleaning.

Inspiration of social shirt and men’s jeans