Mens Outfit for New Years Eve

So here at the finish by the year 2013, we would like to give you some inspiration for Le Grande Finale, new year’s Eve. There is something special about this evening when ordinary people dress up and bowls in champagne. We can not guarantee that the party will be the funniest thing on the whole year, but we can sure with today’s inspiration help you a long way when it comes to that, in all cases, be quite stylish dressed.

The aim of today’s inspiration is simply to come up with some ideas and tips how evening attire can be a bit more elegant and, above all, a bit more fun. The aim is certainly not to with any strong statement to say what is okay or not according to the label when it comes to the tuxedo or evening wear. For most of us, new year’s Eve was only a little more festive party and individual excesses when it comes to the otherwise formal smokingklädseln is okay with good friends.

For example, wear a Tuxedo Jacket in Velvet instead of any classic wool blend can be a way to create an individual and a little more casual but still accurate fashion style. For those who dare, do you like Ralph Lauren Purple Label everything that often shows in its styling, and choose a pant in so-called Black watch pattern, i.e. a Green/Black Tartan.

When it comes to shoes, see also this space for an individual touch. The most classic to the tuxedo is normally a black lacquered oxford shoe. We find this to be good can try other options. A shoe that does good to the evening’s lacquer pumpsen with a satin ribbon. Another option is a slipper in either lacquered or in velvet. Just velvet models is something we think is extra exciting for those who dare to stand out. Choose a model in one color black, Navy Blue or Burgundy. To choose a slipper with embroidered motifs can in some cases look good. Outside the closed company recommended but not variants with gold embroidery with family arms, initials, school emblems or other things that tend to see swanky. A model with skulls, however, can look quite good and break out of the otherwise formal outfit.

When it comes to smokingskjortor, it should be white, have a turndown or cutaway collar and double cuffs. Ideally it should have removable keys, so-called studs in black onyx. We love English classic manufacturers such as Turnbull & Asser, Emma Willis and Emmett London. More accessible and a good alternative is otherwise one of the Eve smokingskjortor.

A white dress shirt with a weak structure, bounce and double cuff from Swedish Eton.

The cufflinks we think should be worn in silver or gold. A neat alternative to break of klädselns formal degree a little bit similar to slippern above is to choose Skultunas cufflinks in sterling silver with a luxurious and döskallemotiv. Wearing a thin smokingur matches to the cufflinks in the same metal shade.

Although the dress code we describe above will be less formal than a classic Tuxedo is as we think to wear a bow tie. Instead of the black silk, we think that a fly tied himself in Velvet looks very good. It goes equally well with velvet bow ties in black and Navy Blue so that our favorite in Burgundy.

This fly provides a delightful and somewhat decadent dandykänsla with a little 70 ‘s glamour.

In General, we think that one should wear is a white handkerchief in cotton or silk in your breast pocket. We urge not to smoking but whether regularly or sporadically, it is both more fun and a bit more elegant to light the cigarette or cigar with a lighter in silver or gold from Dunhill or St Dupont.