Mens Outfit Advice

Deborah tells what is, matters most to her in the outfits that she puts together and which style you like best about men.

What is Important for the Perfect Outfit for Men?

That depends on the occasion. With a chic leisure outfit I attach particular attention to the jacket because it is the heart. Then I build on it.

For more casual leisure looks it is mostly the matching jeans or pants. I particularly pay attention to the fit of the individual garments. It is very important to respond to the customer’s wishes. It makes a big difference whether as a closer or a straight leg jeans the box is. The color and shape are secondary-because if it fits, things just come (laughs).

Which Style do You Like Most About Men?

I like it chic yet casual-with a twist. For example, I like to put accents using accessories or special materials. The style of Pharrell Williams I like very well, he sometimes carries indeed very extravagant things carries. My friend was at our first date, however only Chino and shirt with nice sneakers-because you can not go wrong, but I liked that very well (laughs).

Do You Have a Styling Theme? If so, how it is?

One should not change customer! Whether tight jeans are now Trend or not – the customer’s wishes are important, because in this he feels most comfortable and radiate this also out.

Which Piece of Clothing You Wear Yourself The Most?

My beloved leather jacket is my favorite piece. Uncomfortable shoes I do not buy the other hand – even if they are still so beautiful, but it’s not fun to wear them.

Is it Your Opinion, in Order, When Men Wear Sneakers With a suit?

Definitely! However, this must be connected to the certain charisma. According to, who feels comfortable in men clothes, which also emits. So anyone who is not so sure the sneakers to suit, I advise definitely elegant Wildlederschnürer.