Men’s Boots: History And Care

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This time we will talk about men’s boots, more precisely, about their origin and some tips for their care. Simply put, let’s start!

Origin of the boots for men .

The boots from very remote times have accompanied us and like us have undergone transformations. The historical occurrence of these footwear is important within our civilizing process to the extent that it no longer functions solely as a protective piece of the feet, but also as an object to ornament the body. With what is said will be understood as the boots at present, are both functional and practical, as aesthetic.

Now, let’s focus on the genealogical elements of men’s boots. The first shoes for protective purposes betray the presence of boots more than 15 000 BC An example of this is found in Spanish rock paintings. Fortunately we have received pieces of thousands of years ago, such as those from the Mesopotamian people, where they were used by both women and men, not only with the intention of protecting the plants from their feet, but also with decorative intentions And sumptuous.

Over the centuries this situation would be redefined, as the boots became a complement that could only be carried by men while women, confined to the work of the home, wore shoes much more delicate. With the said will be understood that the boots, among their great characteristics, have that ability to provide excellent protection to the feet even in rough conditions, not in vain became a standard element within the English industries of the twentieth century.

Strangely enough, footwear was and is today a political, organizational gesture, as it allowed distinguishing each of the members of a community, for example, among some indigenous peoples of the pre-Hispanic past, only the nobility had the right to wear.

What was said above about men’s and women’s footwear is another clear example of this political character that can get to the clothing, especially the footwear: the distinction between men’s boots and women’s shoes would subtly generate specific control relationships that cultivated All civilization, until the twentieth century, where characters like Coco Chanel would redefine the ways in which clothing should be considered.

It was in the nineteenth century that an unprecedented revolution was carried out, at the same time promoted by the great industrialization movements: there were no longer any people with the right to wear footwear and others who did not, since large industries would enable men as well as Women of any class shared that right. Serial production and price flexibility meant that more expensive people could wear boots, to the point that the vast majority of the world’s population now has one or more pairs.

The twentieth century caused a boom without which could not be understood the boots for men that today are traded, because the world of fashion brought with it a new way of understanding shoes according to the influx of innovation and refreshment, Which would lead to an immense range of varieties, styles and designs. Undoubtedly, the contemporaries we live a time of fullness as far as footwear industry, thanks to companies avant-garde and according to the tendencies of the moment like Brantano.

Tips for the care of the leather boots for men .

The leather boots for men can be an excellent complement in the world of fashion, or simply a comfortable alternative to transit or carry out some work. However, like many other types of footwear, these require some care to prevent their deterioration. Here are some tips that will allow you to take care of your boots so they last and retain their attractive design.

  1. It is important that you know the skin type of your footwear before performing any cleaning on them, for example, knowing if it is finished or not.Most boots for both women and men are made with finished skins. To know if it is a boot with finished skin or not, you should only put a little cleaner on a pair, if it is absorbed quickly then it is not finished skin, but if it stays for a while, then it is.
  2. For the boots without finishing a special oil is necessary.For those who do, an enamel works wonderfully. In this way both will remain in excellent condition and without traces of dirt.
  3. After using the boots for hours, it is advisable to brush the surface to remove accumulated dirt.If they allow the mud, dust and other agents to be in the shoes for a long time, they will end up deteriorating.
  4. Polishing boots is an effective method to keep them attractive, doing so often will not only show off a well-maintained but even flashy footwear.

In our BRANTANO stores you will find the best products for cleaning and care of any type of footwear. Ask our advisors they will be able to tell you which one is suitable according to the material and finish.

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