Meetise, Find People by Geolocation

Many times we find that we want to meet with someone, either in our city or travel. We can resort to traditional social networks, but if we can use an app that let us easier is a thousand times better. For this purpose it is Meetise, that we will make the work of finding like-minded people much more simple and fast.

By creating an account at Meetise we can define our profile by likes, City of origin, age, language, personal situation and work, among other factors, to then search for these same factors in people that we want to be. Once done we see in our map possible people that fits our criteria and in case that everything works to meet us in person. It is an application with much originality and quite versatile. For the moment it is in English, but in the next weeks to reach the Spanish, catalan and Japanese.


  • Version of Android: from 2.3.3
  • Developer: Meetise
  • Download it in: Google Play (60 days trial) | Google Play
  • Price: Free 60-day trial version. € 1 full version
  • Category: Tools

Meetise is a very simple application with which you will be able to meet people from your city or even from abroad, practice a language or find the job you like the most. Just watch the map in Meetise when you take a walk, while being at home or in a bar and you will see other users near you.