Maybelline Colorshow Designer Nail Art Pen “White”

Last week I am in the lunch break extra to the dm Drogeriemarkt, in order not to miss the currentbargain for the Maybelline ColorShow Designer Nail Art Pens! If you buy a Maybelline nail polish for 1.75 € you get a Nail Art Pen for free. Usually this costs 4.95 €, so you really make a super deal. I was exceptionally sensible and only two nail polishes and two of the pens allowed. I opted for the color white and turquoise, as one can conjure with these many summer nageldesigns. Today I wanted to try the white pen and I am quite satisfied with my first attempt. The Benecos Nail Polish Peach sorbet*with its beautiful, summery peach apricot provides the perfect basis for a fast, summery nageldesign.

This year the Benecos Happy Nails series has been expanded by eight new nail polishes, including so fresh, fresh colors such as the creamy peach-colored “Peach Sorbet”. The Happy Nails Nail Polishes of the Naturkosmetikmarke Benecos are not BDIH certified, but “5-free”. This means that the five harmful ingredients formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, phthalates and rosin are dispensed with, whereby the nail varnishes should be less aggressive than many conventional nail varnishes. The nail varnishes are vegan and cost 3.89 € with a content of 9ml. Peach sorbet iseasy to paint and streak-free and needs two to three layers to cover completely. In the photos you can see two layers of color. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of so short nail polish brushes and I prefer wider brushes. But this is pure taste and I painted with the paintbrush.

After the Beneco varnish is thoroughly dried, you can work with the Nail Art Pen.Unfortunately, I was a bit too impatient and I made a little Macke in the nail polish. So wait a few minutes longer before you start painting. And this really works very easy! First you have to press the tip of the pencil several times on a sheet of paper until enough lacquer flows into the tip. For testing, I painted only the ring finger with the pen and decided for a simple triangle pattern. I first drew the two long, crossed lines, and then added another triangle in each of the four triangles. The whole thing went mad, and in a minute I was done with it. The white pen I found right now not quite so covering, maybe he must also be used a few times.

Finally I used the Butter London Hardwear Topcoat. Currently my favorite Top Coat, as it dries very quickly and makes the nails resistant to quirks. Unfortunately he is not very cheap and I am not sure if I will buy it after me. I received my present copy as a PR sample and will probably go back to the Essence Top Coat, with which I was always very satisfied. But still my bottle is filled over half. And that’s where it is used after almost every manicure!

My Conclusion:

I am very pleased with my fast and simple nail design and would now like to get the other two colors of the Maybelline Nail Art Pens! I hope I catch them. With silver and gold one can finally conjure beautiful nageldesigns. The application is really child-friendly and with a little more practice, you will definitely get even more unusual designs. I always have to stare at my nails and as an absolute Nageldesign layman is quite impressed by the summer color combination with the Benecos Peach sorbet nail polish. Now it is to be hoped that the pins will not dry up so quickly. At the current bargain, where you get the Nail Art Pens for free when you buy a Maybelline nail polish for 1.75 €, but you surely is not too much wrong.