Maternity Floral Skirts

Flowers and more flowers invade walkways, streets and storefronts, in various looks and parts we can see some floral print, leaving visual alegre and feminine, not to mention the delicacy which can provide. And this has everything to do with the spring, isn’t it? Thinking about this trend, split up some tips for you to be inspired. Check out this blog!


Is all about! The tops of one color look great with any outfit emblazoned, do you get the highlight that play and how the look becomes simpler, you can take advantage of accessories such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces maxi. That doesn’t mean I don’t give it to use with Paisley blouse, just know measure for the visual not getting heavy.You can also use the blouse inside or outside skirt, depending on the piece. Feet, bet on sandals and flats.


On this occasion, is more indicated the use of floral high waist skirts. As the cropped part of the belly shows, more caution is needed to assemble the look, usually the visual is tidier, especially accompanied by jump, but still serve for both day and night.


Both plain shirt as jeans, are more neutral parts, so you can take advantage of print and dare in other aspects of the look, such as shoe and accessories. This combination allows the use of high heels or even flats and sneakers. In addition, you can also use the open or shirt with a knot to mark the waist.


This model of skirt is a classic model and swirled, the crab is to use justinhas blouses or cropped. Combine with high heel, the wildest prefer to wear with sneakers, which are also welcome, but you have to know how to use.


The long skirts can have a tidy appeal or stripped, depends on how you set up the look.She practically accepts all, allows fair soltinhas, cropped tops and shirts, as well as, high heels, sneakers, sandals, flats and flip-flops. A great option as accessories are the hats and big bags.

Floral Skirt is definitely the man of the summer. In addition to all the options, on cold days you can choose to jackets. These are some tips for you to be inspired and not be afraid of making mistakes, so it was easy, isn’t it? What’s your favorite combination.