Marshop Launches New Collection Of Bracelets Combos

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?¬†ūüôā¬†Has Accessories to Male today?¬†OOPS, Yes!¬†And is a brand that turns and moves the guys around here, the¬†Marshop.¬†You remember that in March I posted that they had released a line of¬†Bracelets Combos?¬†Well, apparently the guys liked it and now the brand presents your new collection of Combos.¬†And still have¬†discount coupon¬†for those who is Male reader.Bora pro post take a look in detail?¬†GO \o

You already know the¬†Marshop?¬†Those who follow a while the male Fashion must know, right?!¬†Virtual store of¬†men’s Accessories, founded in 2014, when he showed up¬†HERE¬†on the Blog was much commented, mainly by the great variety of models and your price is very affordable.

In your last appearance here, the Marshop introduced a novelty in your product line: The Male Pusleiras Combos, which are composed of several models together, making up for at the time of purchase. The bet worked and now the brand launched your new collection of Combos, incorporating new options and redesigning some existing ones.

In total, there are¬†15 different models, for all tastes.¬†So let’s take a look at, in particular, in this release of¬†Marshop?¬†Separated below all this new collection for you team, to see more information on each, just click on the links or pictures, right?¬†And don’t forget to get the¬†discount coupon, heeeeeein.¬†See:

Sale: Marshop
The brand is also working with resale (and you shouldn’t be CNPJ, can be natural person).¬†The Marshop has a detailed plan of how the schema, what needs to be done, initial investment, etc.¬†For those interested to raise some money, it’s worth contacting:
Jordan (Sale Marshop) or click here for more infos.
According to the own brand, the basic profit goes from 100% and can reach up to 300%.

Where To Find?

All Combos of Marshop’s male Bracelets are now on sale in the online store, just¬†Click HERE.

Follow the official channels of the Marshop, to get inside the news: Facebook and Instagram.
Discount Coupon:

And still have discount coupon for those who is Male reader, huh! 5% OFF on any purchase, just use the code LEITORMM at checkout, purchase closed? 31 day \o valid until August.

EAE team, what do you think of the new collection of Marshop? Enjoyed? Already know the brand? Leave your opinions here in comments.