Making Original Coatings

Ideas for original super coats.

With the arrival of the cold season our coats seem to be insufficient. However, buy a whole new wardrobe is very expensive, and is also unnecessary if we use what we have to change our coats the appearance again as long as we can make them safer for this autumn and winter.

There are many good ideas for original finishes. For example, we can transform our jackets and coats, giving some details, such as the placement of pieces of fake fur cuffs and collars, and also taking into account the pockets, to give a new look to the finish.

We can also replace the buttons, close the pockets and local details such as pins or ornaments to give them a new look, or superimpose different patterns fabrics on the collar and cuffs and add a belt at the waist, to create a modern and fun appearance.

Other layers can also be converted into new clothes. The old sweaters can be easily transformed into jackets, removing the sleeves and give a smooth finish, and perhaps even extend his neck for a better view.

Another good idea is to make original finishes have an old shirt, or some girl that have been, and divide it into areas such as the wrists, collar and lower extremities. Then, sew the jacket, and so have the original, ui, but not too hot, which serve to climate of fall or winter nights indoors.

Virtually any piece of clothing can be converted into a shelter. We can knit rectangles, or create large rectangles of different fabrics to create original ponchos, and even take advantage of all those old scarves and no longer use them together to create a poncho or very unique and hot layer envelope.

When making the important original coats is to retrieve those old clothes to give them a new use, and expand our wardrobe without spending big numbers, to be well prepared for winter and cold weather. It remains only shake our old clothes and start working with Guile and creativity.