Makeup Tutorials to Drink in 5 Minutes

Pencil for eyes and red lipstick in a few minutes are enough to transform a natural make-up in a make up most sought for an evening with friends.

Often we have no time to go home to make up for the trick calmly before a drink with friends, so we must think of a way to turn the trick of living in a make-up evening in just 5 minutes, taking with us only a few products I weigh it in the bag. Among the office, car or metro, there are not always the optimal conditions even to fix makeup, so makeup of this tutorial is done all by hand, without the use of brushes that are definitely inconvenient to carry around.

The trick to this video tutorial is only played with two soft Pencil, a gray and a white, both shimmer and dark red lipstick.

I start with a natural make-up, therefore, foundation, concealer and a bit ‘of mascara have already been applied in the morning. If you want to see how to make this kind of trick, you can watch the nude makeup video tutorials. What we’re going to do is just highlight the eyes and add more lipstick.

Let’s start with gray pencil and we insist on the entire eyelid trying to be quite accurate and staying within boundaries. With a sfumiamo finger outward. It will be easy to fade this type of pencils because they are very soft and you will need to pass more than once a pencil, so as to leave on the eye produced enough.

With the pearly white pencil go in the inner part of the eye and sfumatela with gray pencil always with the use of a finger. The white pencil at this point will give a nice light point, focal part of the make up. We proceed in the part under the eye starting with the gray pencil, going from the outside towards the inside and blending it and finally with the white pencil on the inside. The mascara is already having put in the morning to the natural make-up and it is difficult to put another having very hard lashes.

The trick ends simply putting a dark red lipstick, indicated for the evening and that will project the eye makeup in its simplicity.

You’ll see it’s really easy to turn this way a makeup day into something more special for a ‘exit after work with friends, you will be quick to do and you’ll still be perfect in every situation with your make up accomplished in only five minutes.