Makeup Tutorials Eye Fast for Halloween

If we do not have much time for a real mask for Halloween, here’s how to make a make-up eyes fast and impactful.

To achieve an eye make-up for Halloween what we need is: a fat black color Kryolan and different colored glitter, to your liking. The glitter can find them well in stationery without having to spend too much money.

After well hydrated facial skin, we begin to lay the foundation evenly on face and neck and we’re going to cover any dark circles with concealer. We fix everything with the powder.Then I take the color black fat Kryolan and I go to fill my entire eyelid and the eyelid fixed just below the eyebrow, bringing the color outward almost to the hairline and well below the eye in large quantities. Use the brush to create a mask with a line joining the two eyebrows.Once we created our base, eyes we’re going to apply the glitter. In this case we do not need special glues because we used a color as fat and you will see the glitter will remain stuck without any difficulty.

I will use the blacks glitter, gold and silver, and I’m going to apply with a makeup brush to pat flat bristles well above the eye, in order to make them adhere to the color that I have stretched previously. What we need to do we are create a gradient from the darkest to the lightest with our glitter, so after you apply those blacks on the eyelid and at the base of the nose under the eyebrow, go on to the golden ones and finally to silver glitter, I’ll go to applied under the eyebrow to create such a nice light point (that normally we are used to delineate a clear eye shadow).

The trick eyes may very well end well, but since we are at a point of Halloween theme is needed, so what I will do is take another black colored fat and draw a cobweb to the eye base. Even here I will use the glitter with the same procedure followed previously, with a light pressure movement.

Finally we come to the mouth. In this case the very natural leave or go to delete it completely, having a very important eye makeup. In the first case I could just apply a cocoa butter; in the second case I would spend the foundation used before and go after dab of face powder. Even this is your choice. You just have to try and have fun!