Makeup Tips for Wedding

Marriage is one of the most important parties for women. Even if you are not the bride, all they want to present themselves in the best possible way. And that includes the right makeup for the event. It is not enough to match the dress, you need to think at the time of the marriage, on your participation in the party and the impact that you wish to create. But beware! Don’t try to do a make very different from what you are used to use at parties, not to sound strange after. Makeup is very personal and has to take into consideration the different skin tones of each person.

For light-skinned women, the tip is to make smooth and natural, using the pink and peach tones, especially in the cheekbones. The trend for the lips is to use bright lipsticks. For the average skins (not too light, not too dark), the makeup artists suggest the Golden tones and beige to light the visual. For those who already have the brown skin, it is best to use the gold and bronze tones. Those who have oily skin, you must take the Compact in her purse. Give a touch up if the your skin begins to shine too much in the pictures.

Each format a make

When the your makeup, keep in mind that the format of your face can also influence the type of make you use. Addition, you disguise the features you don’t like, underscores the loves. If you have a round face, dark sides of the cheekbones, so you create an effect that makes the face look thinner. In the T zone, use a base one or two shades lighter to reinforce this effect.

In the case of the oval face, the suggestion is to illuminate the area around the eyes, on the profile of the nose along the bone and Chin. In addition, it is important to brush the cheekbone with a blush that must go to the center of the cheek to the temples. Who already has the square face should soften the jaws and fine-tune your form by applying concealer dark in the jaws and illuminating the temples and the area between the eyebrows with a lighter tone. For this, you can make rounded strokes, both in shaded as when applying the blush. The outline of the heart-shaped mouth helps to soften the strokes.

Useful tips for wedding makeup

If you have doubt of what colors to use, there are some basic tips that you can’t go wrong: you can choose the one you like, is the pastel, grey and graphite variations, the Golden, smoky black or bronze. When in doubt, avoid load in the eye, not to be too heavy. First of all, the skin needs to be perfect, so use a creamy base compatible to your skin tone and only concealer to cover blemishes or dark circles, preferably a lighter tone to the base and blush to give softness to the face.

If the marriage happens during the day, avoid glitter or glare like the very intense colors. Opt for something more classical and light as the nude, with a bit of brown or gold. For those who like color, can also opt for blue or purple. Use the illuminator and the mascara to highlight the look. If you use the false eyelashes, prefer those which arise only on the tip. In the mouth, use creamy lipsticks. If the party is at night, you can step up a little more make-up, with the lips or eyes more marked. But do not load on both at the same time. Or eyes or mouth. If you prefer the look, take the metallic shadows or dark tones, a sketchy thicker and many layers of mascara. And finish with a matte lipstick.

Makeup for bridesmaids – make a look of godmother to rock

The bridesmaids are very important in the lives of women brides and, at the ceremony, they must be beautiful (but cannot overshadow the evening star). The makeup artists indicate the false eyelashes, the illuminator and the blush are three key points to give a healthy air to the face. Used properly, they help to compose a mind-blowing look.

When you make apply the compact base on the underside of the eyelid and go faded to the top. Use a mask of amplifier volume on upper and lower lashes from root to tips. Apply the blush on the cheekbones with upward movements. To highlight the face, use the compact illuminator only in temples or (slightly) above the blush. Then pass the creamy lipstick from the Centre to the corners of the lips and, if necessary, use a retractable pencil to outline the edges of the mouth. Finally, use the fastener.

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Makeup for the mother of the bride or groom

The mothers of the party also need to quantitate at make and get away from the hype. They can do a make-up test a week before the party to make any changes deemed necessary. So it is possible to find more calmly the perfect look for your wedding. As the mothers skin tends to be more mature, it is essential to make the pré-maquiagem hydration. Then apply the creamy base to camouflage imperfections and marks the time. Spread the product so that it doesn’t cause marking.

A shadow that looks great on ladies is a reddish bronze tone. Then apply a green shade shining only in the corner of the eye to enlarge and brighten the look. Complete your eyes with an eyeliner along the top of the eyes. If you find it necessary, you can use a light brown shade to fix any detail on the eyebrows. Apply the mascara in the eye and have a peach tone blush on the cheekbones and finish make with a smooth lipstick that can be retouched at the party.

Secrets to a long lasting makeup

Not to ruin the entire make over of marriage, there are some tips that help fix her makeup. In the eye, before moving to shadow, apply concealer, Foundation and powder on the eyelids to improve grip and her fixation on the skin. If the shade is creamy, apply with gentle Pat to secure well. For powder eye shadow, use a wet brush to make the pigment alive. The pencil and mascara should preferably be waterproof to smudge and not let the ugly appearance and stained.

Another tip is to use the makeup fixative spray. In addition to protecting any amendment or smudged, the spray keeps the products applied on the face. To remove any oil from the skin, use a tissue, but don’t rub it in the face, press lightly on each area more moist. This helps remove the fat points and let your makeup impeccable, without blurring.