Makeup Smoky Eyes with Blue Shadow

As we are always looking for makeup tips for parties, today IMulher brings a tutorial on how to make smoky eyes makeup with blue eyeshadow for you to inspire yourself to make a look.

Check out the step by step how to do smoky eyes and enjoy doing it to go out tonight to enjoy, since tomorrow we have the holiday of September 7. Enjoy!

How To Make Smokey Blue Eyes

Before you begin, you should prepare the face with the tonic, moisturizer, base, concealer and powder. After that, leave the hand all the items that you will need:

1 black pencil

1 white or nude pencil

1 blur brush

1 blue shadow

1 white shadow or pearl

Begin by making a black outline on the moving eyelid, close to the eyelashes. Do not worry about making a very beautiful or perfect scratch, for as soon as you finish doing so, you should blur the outline across the movable eyelid, passing slightly through the concave.

Once you have the black smudged, apply the blue shadow. Start by the outside and go bringing the product to the inner corner. This technique makes the shadow with different tones, giving a very beautiful effect.

Pass the blue shade across the movable eyelid (to the concave) and also below the water line of the eyes.

When the faded blue is ready, apply the pearl shadow. You should pass it above the concave, just where the blue ends. This shade will serve to brighten the eye, leaving the eye bigger, and also to make the transition from blue to your skin.

Lighten the inner corner of the eye and blur all of this until it is even. To finish, white pencil or nude in the water line and much mascara (who wants, can use false eyelashes).

And that’s the step-by-step to do the make. If you want more makeup tips, check out Etaizhou on how to make a smokey eyes with the black shadow.