Makeup Palette For Glowing Eyes and Lips

I used some bad long with the review, sorry – but somehow I forgot it completely, to write about the range of Dior. Today I would like to do that with some delay. Since the range while the heart of the collection and should be therefore quite coveted, could’s are a bit tricky to get it – but it was also not the fastest of all out of print piece sure at a cost of about 80,-€. Found I have eg at Parfumdreams (€70,95) and Pieper (€76,93), not so it’s quite utopian – locally it is safe also still somewhere!

As so often the Star products by Dior is not only a product, the range just a collector’s item – the palette is beautiful with charming details, but also the content is true: well pigmented, soft colors and a solid eyeliner in classic black. Small downside: the gloss might have a beautiful color, but unfortunately only transparent on the lips. But more on that after the jump…

As a star product, the range is located of course not in classic dark blue cardboard box, but in a silver. It – as always – all necessary information noted, are from the CD logo with gradient, name, full name in English and French, until down to the ingredients, origin etc – just the usual.

Comes out, wrapped in white tissue paper with small, rose-colored CD logos, the range – even here a small highlight, which is common in the Star products.

The range itself is a small dream in pink. Loops with a gradient from white to pink, embossed with the CD logo and two silver beads as closure. You is difficult to handle, is pleasant to open and close (with a slight magnetic closure).

The Interior of the range is not less pretty – with an integrated large mirror that merges almost seamlessly into the reflective “clutch” palette, three split eyeshadow in pink, grey and anthracite, a black eyeliner and a “closed” Lipgloss in transparent pink. There are two small Pinselchen, of which a double-sided (Schaumstoffapplikator – for the eye shadow and bevel brushes – for the eyeliner) and one is a real brush (for the lip gloss).

As always, I commend the small latch for the gloss, which is of course also very hygienic (no icing crumb in the cream-like texture!). Even if the gloss of I think not should be actually after – due to its non-existent with the job – it’s a nice little gadget.

Also the Pinselchen this time for the most part are useful and have thus earned a place in the palette. All round well suited to go super!

Swatches on the back of the hand (without base):Unfortunately the pink kind of like on any photo really, because the shimmer is so strong that it looks almost white on all photos as soon as a little light in the game is. I have not photographed it get. Of course it looks but not so.You can see that in the makeup photo following quite well, I hope.Otherwise are the swatches in the same order as in the palette.

I’m wearing the pink on the movable lid, I have hidden the anthracite on the corners and in the crease, and with the light gray over the crease to the outside. I am also the eyeliner on the photo (but applied with a 208er brush from MAC – goes shut but somewhat lighter than mini brush from the palette – which would be sufficient for on the go but also perfect).

My conclusion:
I succeeded in the range. The eye shadows give good color, can be applied easily (such as when the look above), as well as more intense and won’t (as E.g. in the → 5 Couleurs from the same collection) to a soup, but are visible as individual colors. The eyeliner is also good (admitted:there are better, but he is good for a pallet eyeliner!), merely the gloss is simply unnecessary, because a transparent gloss in such a range would be – at the price you can incorporate instead E.g. even a blush (if then by the size / of square produced so much better, not time – it is simply an alternative).

Despite everything, this palette in my eyes is not only a collectible but actually a good product which you can definitely use if you are because “trust”!

Incidentally, I have two more products from the collection here, the “twin set”-eyeshadow and the Dior Addict Lipstick ‘Bow’. Both products have fallen through for me – I have already written that even in a look with the eye shadow pen (→ here) and also at the look here, where I used the lipstick. Just for the lipstick’s I’m sorry, because the color is beautiful, he stressed but just cruel all wrinkles and cracks. The “twin set”-eyeshadow has surrendered in terms of durability and so in the crease off, that it was simply not good. Also one another wearing didn’t help with a base underneath. Therefore also this product for me has failed.
Since I for this reason and because the collection but already a whole little is available, no reviews will write more about both products, I wanted to have mentioned here still like to!