Maintenance of Your Tent

Summer is here and many people take their camping gear out of the closet just now, forgetting the condition that left him to guard it, months ago. So you do not have nasty surprises, we suggest a series of procedures that must be taken into consideration for the better conservation of your tent. The formula is simple: protect your tent, so that she can protect him.


  • Be careful with the Sun’s rays. -Despite being made for use outdoors, ultraviolet rays are harmful to nylon and can damage your tent quickly. The damage caused is proportionally equal to the time of exposure to the Sun and the altitude and, once occurred, is irreparable. So, try leaving it mounted the shortest possible time. In a normal use on the mountain, it is common to smithereens the tent in the morning, when we go out for a walk, and set up at the end of the day, when we stopped to sleep. So, in the worst hours of Sun, she is safely stored in your backpack, far ultraviolet light. Try, wherever possible, mount it in places with shadows and, under any circumstances, let the assembled indefinitely in the garden … Remember that the warranty does not cover defects which have occurred by the wear caused by weather or misuse.
  • Use a piece of plastic to line the floor-extend it outside the tent and buy exactly the size of the bottom, to left and, thus, become a perfect swimming pool in case of rain. This will protect you from holes and make her clean for longer.
  • Food – try not to keep food inside, as some animals may be attracted to the smell and can damage to be able to access your food.
  • Do not touch! -It may seem a bit exaggerated, but the fat of your skin is corrosive and can affect proofing of your tent. So, try not to touch the inner part, whenever it is possible.
  • Duct Tape or Duct Tape-perhaps this is the greatest invention of the human being, since the wheel. Always take a piece of this tape in your walks and trips. It serves to fix just about everything!
  • Secure it well – although many of the tents of the Trails are self supporting Courses, & never ceases to hold her down. And try to keep the cordeletes always with the same size. This will protect you from stress in certain parts, more than others.
  • Try not to wear shoes inside it – and keep it clean longer.
  • Be careful with fire. – No nylon tent anti-fire treatment has, despite some being resistant to fire, not allowing it to propagate, but not preventing arising holes burned into the fabric. Don’t light stoves near and far less in it because, besides harmful to nylon, it can also Rob oxygen from inside the tent, being extremely dangerous to your life. Never use candles or lamps inside the tent.
  • A little ventilation – each person loses about a glass of water per night between respiration and transpiration. So you don’t wake up soaking wet by condensation of moisture in your own tent, look for fabric breathe her as much as I can. If it is not raining, this task becomes even easier and you may leave all or much of the door open, just with the mosquito net closed.

At home:

  • Store it in a dry, well-ventilated place – and preferably out of the bag. Never, under any circumstances, keep your tent wet or dirty. If you need to unmount it still dirty or wet, clean it and dry it as soon as possible – a few days are enough for her to begin to spoil and rot, as well as waterproofing resin being attacked. Try to keep it away from moisture.
  • Take double waterproofing your tent – Yes, we know all the Tracks tents & Directions have factory sealed seams and a greatly enhanced waterproofing. With exposure to the Sun and the rain, there will come a time when you will need to reimpermeabilizar the sobreteto of your tent. We have products in our line to it or hand it over to the care of a specialized store – we can recommend a few via email Your tent will last even more years with this care, offering an excellent performance even under heavy rain.
  • Learning to ride it – never leave to travel without having before your mounted tent and make sure that the content is complete. Learn in the middle of nature, when the Sun is setting or, worse, under a rain, it’s not the best time. Other than that, mount it wrong can damage it severely in the first day of use, not to mention the unpleasant discovery that your friend might not have given the stakes that borrowed last season.
  • Cleaning – do not wash in washing machine or dry. To clean it, use only a sponge and warm water. If you’re going to clean it, wash it in a tub or a large tank filled with cold water. Never use hot water, softeners, detergents, laundry detergent or q