Madonna Is Making Fashion

Madonna is one of the most versatile artists on the planet.It has been affecting whole generations with their music for over three decades.At the same time, however, the focus was not only on her music.Madonna herself is a work of art.She knows how she can stage herself and so she also fully lives these productions.It sets trends in music and fashion.And even if she does not want to have such strong shock reactions today, she knows what will attract attention.This is why she has also ventured into the arena some time ago and is now an integral part of the great international fashion scene.

1. What’s behind Material Girl?

Material Girl is an exciting and trend-conscious brand, which is published by Madonna together with her daughter Lourdes.It is however Lourdes, also called Lola, which is responsible for the design of the line.After all, Material Girl is a brand on jewelry that should appeal to young girls and women around the world, explained by insurancejust. And who could know better than Lourdes?She is exactly at this age, has seen many corners of this world and has always witnessed the emergence of new trends with her mother.The line wants to show what young women currently love.What they are doing and what moves them.The motto is “Material Girl embodies the new genre” (“Material Girl embodies the new genration”).One of the most famous songs of Madonna is the name given to this feeling.

All parts are characterized by a very special, rocky character.You can see who was at work here.Madonna’s influence on her daughter is palpable, but Lourdes has also created a lot of her own elements.Basics are mixed with spectacular parts, extravagant rivets meet on fine tip.Large prints on the shirts can not be different, they just have to stand out.But this also applies to all other parts of the current collection.

From the very beginning, prominent faces could be won to support the model line.The singer Rita Ora was selected as the face of the campaign.She lives and loves a freaked out style, so she is a perfect cover for Material Girl.Previously Kelly Osbourne and Georgia May Jagger were already on the road as models for the brand.

2. Where can I buy Material Girl in Germany?

In Germany, you can only buy clothes from the brand Material Girl exclusively at OTTO .The range changes from season to season.Everything else would not be typical for a line like Material Girl.There is no stagnation here, but there is always a common thread in each collection that links the parts of the current collection to previous or future parts.We have already presented a small selection here.Let yourself be surprised by what the latest, hip parts from Madonna are!

I hope you enjoy browsing through the assortment.How do you like the brand?