Lupine BETTY R14 Review

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Lamp MTB Ultra powerful 4500 Lumens for 2 hours – and up to 310 hours in 30lumens – 610 grams – smartcore with charge indicator battery – remote control for steering modes – sector and car charger – box storage and protection.


The most powerful light produced by LEDs.
This mountain bike led lamp is ultra powerful!
The lupine Betty R lamp is unique of its kind and it is a first world, because it is driven by a remote control specially designed for a lamp 45W. At the push of the button you select one of the four customizable modes with a maximum power of 4500 Lumens.
To date (October 2013), to compare, 4500 Lumens is brighter than the best of most of our cars xenon headlights!
Betty R of Lupine lamp has no equivalent, there is no limit to the applications of a lamp of such power. It’s really a weight pen, only 150 grams for Betty R lamp.
Betty is adapted to the practice of all sports, even or especially extreme, and also professional uses. It offers an excellent combination between its extreme light output and its very long autonomy. If it’s necessary autonomy in economic mode can reach 310 hours. The lamp can be removed from its support of helmet very easily, to be mounted in a different position on the handlebars of a mountain bike or turn it into a headlamp, the necessary accessories are sold separately.
This lamp is made for those who wish to do biking, skiing or for those who want to see the night as during the day.
This is certainly the the more powerful lamp that you can offer you.
Waterproof lamp resistant to splashing water. Lamp handmade in Germany.

Betty does not use a combination of 7 lenses standard, available in several sizes with forms of beams and angles. As usual these standard lenses have not met the expectations of Lupine. Lupine has developed its own system of lenses much more effective than a standard system.
The achieved goal helped to create a beam and provide an excellent light for night walks. In orchestrating a network of special lenses, Lupine has created a beautiful tiny 7 LEDs lamp!

  • 4500 lumens light output
  • 7 Led high power Cree XM – L2 (total power 45W)
  • 7 systems of lenses, the 26 ° beam angle
  • weight lamp only 150g
  • weight 610g including battery
  • Battery Li – ion rechargeable 13.2Ah 7.2V smartcore included, with charge indicator
  • resistant to splashing water IP68
  • Operating temperature range – 25 ° C to + 70 ° C
  • 45W 2 hours talk time
  • autonomy in 0.3W 310 h
  • 5 hours charging time
  • 54 x 43 mm (diameter x length)
  • Warranty 2 years


Up to 2 hours at 4500 Lumens 45W *.
Until 2:45 at 3500 Lumens 34W
Up to 3 h 20 at 2900 Lumens 28W
Up to 4 h 20 2400 Lumens 22W *.
Up to 6 hours at 1850 Lumens 16W
Until 7:30 at 1400 Lumens 12W
Up to 12 h at 950 Lumens, 8W
Up to 24 hours to 470 Lumens 4W
Up to 48 h to 240 Lumens 2W *.
Up to 96 h at 150 Lumens 1W
Up to 310 h to 30 Lumens 0.3W
* Modes registered for factory settings
Box content

Lamp Betty R
Battery interchangeable smartcore 13.2Ah
Load One sector
Car cord adapter 12V
Lamp for mounting on the helmet holder
remote control
2 Velcro, one long and one short.
120 cm extension cable
Transport case L
Head for the port in front support, support for setting of the remote control and the lamp on the handlebar mounting bracket.