Lumia Denim: Update And Video Instructions Are Available

Barely has begun the rollout of the new updates Lumia denim in China, since Microsoft already in Germany and many other European countries kill switch. As reported by WMPowerUser, the fresh software but not yet for all devices with Windows phone is available.

Whether you can download already the Lumia denim update and install, depends of your specific device model and by your mobile service provider. You have a smart phone without provider branding, you may appreciate you happy, if it is 620, 625 or 1320 a Lumia. Telecom equipment may download the software themselves, if they are a Lumia 625 or a Lumia 830. Also, the Lumia 625 and the Lumia 1320 provided access by Vodafone. Lumia denim is also ready 1320 Lumia 625, 925, Lumia 1020 Lumia and Lumia for O2 devices of the types. For other devices, the update will appear in January 2015.

4K-Videoaufnahmen Enables Update

Matching Microsoft has released a video to the rollout of Lumia denim, that tells us more about the contents of the updates you and gives a few tips on the installation. Before you start with the update, you should, for example, ensure that you have free space on your Smartphone available at least a gigabyte. Also, the extensive download should take place whenever possible via a Wi-Fi connection. With the installation of Lumia denim, you receive, for example, access to a German version of Cortana and the ability to record videos in 4 k resolution with compatible devices. A more detailed overview of the new features can be found here, here, there is a preview on the improved Lumia camera app.