Looks with Glasses

Check out ideas of looks with coats, hoodies and ponchos 2016. Winter has not started yet, but thousands of people are already taking off their wardrobe to make hot looks. A good tip for this season is to make use of original and modern pieces, such as straight-cut coats, ethnic-framed ponchos and charming coats.

How To Wear Coats, Capes And Ponchos 2016?

Do you have questions about how to wear coats, capes, and ponchos? Here are some tips on looks:

Looks With Jackets

The coat , also known as trench coat , is a piece that can not be left out of the winter wardrobe. It is usually made with a very heavy fabric, in order to keep the body warm on cold days. Brazil does not have such a cold weather, but the coats are still successful.

There are many models of winter 2016 jackets coming to stores, reported by Physicscat.com. They bet on a minimalist design with straight modeling, a trend that was presented in New York fashion week.

The women’s coats combine with well-defined maxicals or skirts, which, in turn, reinforce the tendency of oversized (wide trim on the body). Women who are not so fashionistas can bet on a combination with skinny pants or flare.

Looks With Capes 2016

The winter season 2016 proves to be a perfect time to wear covers. That’s it! These pieces arrive with everything in the stores, with the mission to replace the kimono (that was fever in the summer). They leave the look super modern and help stretch the silhouette.

Looks With Ponchos 2016

The female or male poncho is very successful in the frozen countries of South America, but promises to win the hearts of Brazilians in the coming months. It is nothing more than a kind of quadrangular shaped hood, usually made of thick wool. The piece has an opening, which allows you to insert the head and cover the shoulders. It is a much warmer option for cold days.

The poncho is super easy to use and allows for various combinations. Women can combine it with lighter pieces, such as the dress, the skirt and the short. It is also possible to create looks combining poncho with jeans.

Winter Warmup Trends 2016

Take note of some winter clothing trends for the upcoming winter: lots of knitting, asymmetrical pieces, ethnic prints, off-white, B & W combination and folk style. You will probably notice these new features storming the streets in the coming months.

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