Looking For The Best Underwater Fishing Rifle

Choose The Type Of Submarine Fishing Rifle That Best Suits Your Needs

In  EsPesca one of the best online shops of submarine fishing  we talk about l spear fishing with spear and is that this type of fishing grows every day more in our country, that is why our readers ask us to contribute more information about the rifle of Underwater fishing, material, techniques and places of fishing.

Today we will focus on the choice of underwater fishing rifle, different types, advantages and disadvantages of each one. The first harpoons were made of wood with rubber bands, however, the search for a better underwater fishing rifle gave many innovations technologies such as the appearance of pneumatic rifles, CO2 or hydraulic rifles.

The technological search for the  perfect underwater rifle has been exciting, however, today many of the undersea fishermen have returned to the wooden weapons with rubber or propulsion bands. Having said that, there are still a lot of options available to today’s underwater fisherman, and this manual will help you get started on choosing the best fishing rod for your specific needs.

Pneumatic Rifles

The rifles tires were very popular in the 1960s and 70s, but today are only popular in some parts of the world. These powerful weapons have a minimal recoiland it is possible to fire long range shots with a certain degree of accuracy. The power of a pneumatic harpoon can be increased depending on the amount of air pumped into it, however, since the weapon needs to be charged by the diver, the power of the air rifle is limited to the strength of pescasub  (though There are rifles with special devices of load) also with a good technique can be minimized the force necessary to load these rifles.

As a rule the pneumatic rifles use a 8 mm diameter harpoon , which is very difficult to bend, offers a great impact and the penetration in the fish is very great.The length of the pneumatic rifle is measured from the handle or cylinder head to the tip, with common sizes including:

  • 55 cm
  • 70 cm
  • 90 cm
  • 100 cm
  • 110 cm
  • 135 cm

In general, the smaller pneumatic rifles are easier and faster loading , as opposed to larger ones that are usually more difficult to load and require special tools for this. In both cases, the diver fishing with a pneumatic rifle needs a loader at all times.

Some pneumatic rifles have a power regulator , this option can be very useful for shots at close range, thus facilitating the loading of larger weapons with higher pressure in addition the discharge of the rifle is faster before leaving the water.

The pneumatic rifles offer a reliable option for the pescasub, they are a compact and powerful weapon , although we must take into account some negative points to consider. For example, with a pneumatic rifle the diameter or cylinder of exit of the harpoon is quite large, this can disadvantage the precision if we do not know our weapon well. In addition, the rifles are somewhat noisy in the firing , which can scare other fish inside the fishing area. Finally, the pneumatic rifle requires more maintenance besides a regular inspection to avoid that the compressed air escapes and it spoils the general mechanism.

Rubber Rifles

The cargo harpoons with rubbers  are very popular all over the world , thissubmarine fishing rifle  is very powerful and precise. These fishing guns have the advantage that they are virtually silent when fired with them. With rubber guns or rubber guns the fisherman can see the complete path that the harpoon follows from its beginning to the end.

Unlike pneumatic rifles,the power of the rubber rifle can be increased simply by adding more bands or rubbers  for its load, besides anotheradvantage is that theyrequire very little maintenance.

Most guns that use rubber for their propulsion use 6,5mm or 7mm diameter harpoons.  The length of these rifles are measured from the mouth of the barrel to the handle, the most popular lengths are:

  • 50 cm
  • 75 cm
  • 90 cm
  • 100 cm
  • 110 cm
  • 130 cm

Observing the manufacture of the submarine fishing rifle with rubber we must take into account that they can be of:

Aluminum rifles

Carbon fiber rifles

Wood rifles

No special charger is required for your load, but it is recommended that the diver wears gloves and a loading pad on the chest as protection. Multiband rifles require more time to load, increasing the time depending on the number of rubber installed in our fishing harpoon.

One of the few drawbacks of using this type of fishing rifle is the thickness of the harpoon, because they are not usually very thick sometimes they can bend when we want to fish large fish, although today the quality of the materials minimize these Factors.

Rifle Rifle

The underwater fishing rifle type Roller  is really new in the market, it is popular in South Africa and Australia. The Roller system, bases its operation by acting on measures of rubber that double to the conventional measurement that would correspond to the measure of the rifle, granting greater force and impulse of the harpoon in the firing and with a much less load effort, reduced by the Pulleys of our head. Thus we can have a rifle of 85 cm, with the energy of firing and impact of a traditional 105 cm rifle, at the same time with a reduced load.

The first Roller rifles were large, unmanageable, difficult to maintain, awkward in movement, heavy in the water but all this ended with the newRoller rifles of the latest generation, such as the Spetton Roller Teknic rifle a conventional rifle, With quick movements thanks to its lightness and easy maintenance.

The Roller rifle uses harpoons 7 to 8 mm in diameter with a single point. The harpoon is guided by the lane of the same name of the gun (also known as a harpoon guide), which runs along the entire length of the barrel, ensuring that the harpoon is thrown with complete precision.

The Roller rifle has a plastic head that accommodates one to three rubbers wrapping them around the mouth of the barrel. The thickness of the gums depends on the number of gums to be used , for a rifle with double rubbers we will use rubber from 16 to 18 mm thick, and for simple gums we will have a rubber of about 20 mm in diameter. The biggest disadvantage of the Roller rifle is that this type of systems makes a little noise when we shoot it.

What is your favorite type of submarine fishing rifle?

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