Looking For The Best Underwater Fishing Harpoon

What You Really Need To Know To Choose The Best Underwater Fishing Harpoon

Again we will come back with a new post! This time with the continuation of “Looking for the best underwater fishing rifle part 1 types ”  in this second part we are going to talk about the more technical parts of the fishing harpoon

And is that in EsPesca your submarine fishing shop in addition to having for sale fishing harpoons  and underwater fishing material we like to inform the friends of our community to have a better knowledge about the techniques and materials of underwater fishing so that The time to choose, in this case to buy harpoons of underwater fishing, you  know all the details and details so that your decision is the right one.

In the first part on how to choose the best fishing harpoons  we gave you the choice between rifles, rubber rifle or rifle type, this time we will take into account factors such as the length of the rifle, types of rods, tips and tridents, Rubber, heads, accessories etc.

Length Of The Rifle

Choosing the correct length of the spearfish depends on a variety of factors. The three most important factors are:

In general terms, shorter fishing harpoons, from 50 cm to 75 cm are useful in caves and cavities where visibility is poor. The rifles pescasub longer, more than 75 cm, offer greater scope for fishing for pelagic species since it is difficult toapproach them when the water is clear.

As an example, a 120 cm fishing harpoon is ideal in many situations, especially when we are harpooning reefs, while 150 cm or 160 cm rifles are best for open-air harpoon fishing where large Pelagic species.

Fishing Harpoons

Underwater fishing rods  vary in diameter from 6 mm to 9 mm and are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel rods are the best choice as this material is very resistant to corrosion, while galvanized steel harpoons are stronger , galvanized steel is oxidized after a short period of exposure to salt water.

Tips And Tridents

Most fishing harpoons are single point, these rods are recommended for fishing for more delicate skin species, where a single point of drilling is required, for example haddock, mackerel, goldfish…

Harpoons with tridents or triple points are recommended for species with thicker skin or fish where more aggressive penetration is needed, for example grouper, snook, snapper ….A disadvantage of using a trident fishing harpoon is the fact that they are more susceptible to bumping damage on rocks or other hard surfaces, these harpoons will bend much more when compared to a single point rods.


Under all other conditions, a rim rubber of 22 to 40 cm in length offers less potential energy than a rubber of 12 to 20 cm in length. The use of additional gums increases the energy potential in a linear way, ie two gums 12 to 20 cm in length produce 45 kg of potential energy, if we put 2 parallel gums in our harpoon,these would produce just twice as much Potential energy, ie 90 kg.

Rubbers for underwater fishing rifles  are usually made of latex and come in sizes from  22 to 40 cm, from 12 to 20 cm and from 7 to 10 cm.  Some bands come with howitzers (unions) already installed, although some divers preferbuy their own equipment and accessories independently and install themselves.

Shooting Line

The line or nylon that follows the fishing harpoon when it is fired is called a firing line or shot. The firing line may be attached to the rifle or a reel of rifle. When considering a firing line, the weight is critical, since the lighter line means less resistance.

The firing lines are commonly available in nylon, dyneema, kevlar, monofilament and with stainless steel cable. Other options include braided, waxed or coated lines. As a general rule, the more rigid lines prevent entanglements.

The force of the firing lines generally varies between 90 kg and 450 kg. Keep in mind that in underwater fishing or apnea fishing the weakest link is the point of  attachment  of a line of fire. The nylon or monofilamentlines work well in most situations, they are durable for a long time, although the cables can be oxidized or damaged before nylon and monofilament, the cables are necessary for apnea fishing of large catches.

Rifle Head

The head is the final part of the fishing harpoon, there are two models, open head and closed head. Each one has its pros and cons, an undeniable advantage in a fishing harpoon with open head is the line of sight, won by the hole left in it.

Open heads also tend to be quieter than closed heads . However, an open-head fishing rifle is more difficult to load, although some fishermen feel that an open head is not so precise especially in a high-end rifle.

Like many things in this sport, the choice of open or closed head often comes down to personal preferences. Finally, it is important to pay attention to the material of the head, nylon have more force than those made of aluminum.


When it comes to buying an underwater fishing rifle we find a huge diversity.Every day manufacturers around the world like the leading brands Cressi, Spetton , Beuchat, Mares, Omer. … are spending millions of euros to innovate and design the perfect weapon for underwater fishing.

What has to be taken into account is that each rifle has its pros and cons, and what it really is deduced is that there is not a fishing harpoon suitable for all kinds of conditions, all species or all divers, but we must Choose the one that best fits our conditions.

We leave you one of the best  underwater fishing videos on the EsPesca YouTube channel