Look Total Jeans with Clear Parts

Hello people,

The total jeans look is that look where two pieces are combined in jeans, it is becoming more popular every day, and making women’s heads. The most common is with that slightly darker blue tint of jeans, but the overall jeans look also looks quite handsome with the composition of pieces in jeans with light wash, or white.

Destroyed Jeans With Button Shirt

This combination in light jeans pieces has a stripped-down feel, but at the same time, due to the clear tone of the pieces, quite sophisticated. Opt for shoes like thin-tipped sneakers, espadrilles, heeled sandals or scarpins.

Short With Tank Top And Jeans Shirt

This composition in light pieces has a very feminine air, romantic and modern at the same time. On the feet choose sneakers, espadrilles and creeps.

Shiny Female Short Sleeve Shirt

This is a modern and feminine look. The shredded jeans are super fashionable and give a stripped look, the shirt breaks a bit of the stripped, leaving the look tidier, and the romantic touch is the light tone of the pieces. On the feet, a jump is as good as a low shoe.

Jeans Cigarette Jeans With Jeans Shirt

This composition in light shades is quite elegant, especially if the pants are inwhite jeans. On the feet, opt for heeled sandals and scarpins to maintain the elegance and sophistication of the look.

Skirt Jeans With Jeans Shirt

This composition is also beautiful and feminine. Choose a white denim skirt and a light blue jeans shirt, there are a few gradient options that look great. On the feet, it can be worn with both high and low shoes, give preference to models of more delicate shoes like espadrilles, sneakers or heels of heels.

So, ready to tear down even more jeans?

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