Long Green Skirt with Trousers, Transparent Shirt and Other Looks

Colorful fashion has it all, and by 2014, long green skirt models are thriving, and it looks like they have no time to leave. And if the skirts have returned to gain more centimeters in length, it is because they have gradually conquered the female audience, and guarantee a charm and elegance all special.

If these pieces will remain quiet for some time, since 2011 more or less, they have returned with everything and been making the most success. And they arrive in beautiful models, with frills, folds and crevices, folds, evases, wrinkles, rounds, mullet length, anyway, anyway.

And when we think of the models of long green skirt, we know for sure that this is a color that transmits joy and relaxation, and arrive in the most varied tones, and can come from the lightest, pastel tones, passing through other tones like green moss, green pine, olive green, and reaching the green flag, military green among other shades. The green can still arrive in varied prints, earning the main highlight.

Wearing a fashionable blouse to match these skirts is sure to be well-dressed, but you can still bet on shirts, shirts, blazers, and more.

And the privileges to wear these green long skirt pieces are for tall and thin women as they can bet on any models without fear of making a mistake. The small ones can bet on models of skirts with high waist, and in models less rounded, not to flatten the silhouette.

Another great trick for you that wants to give a nice touch to the green long skirt looks is: if you are tall, you can use lengths that completely cover your feet, whether you are short, leave a few inches of your feet appearing, that this will yield a few centimeters apparently.