Logi Circle Camera Review

The name Logi not possibly tell you anything yet behind this name hides the revival of the famous brand Logitech, who for once decided to modernize its logo and name. Point device to PC , the first product to come out with this name is none other than the Circle that I tested. Let’s see what this is capable camera connected in more…

Logi Circle Camera Review


The Logi Circle offers all the features expected of a camera and even a little more. For video it shoots in 720p HD in wide angle 135 °, has a night vision and an ability to zoom 8x digital. It connects via WiFi b / g / n 2.4GHz or 5GHz and has the Bluetooth .

A small multi-color LED, a microphone and a speaker are also on hand to talk to the camera remotely, as with a walkie-talkie.

It plugs into a power outlet with a base equipped with a 3 meter cable (wow), stand powerfully magnetized and which is the basis to hang in every direction without risk it falling. Small feature, the camera can operate on battery power untilindependence 12 hour announced by the manufacturer.

This little world is controlled through the application of the same name available on iOS (> = 8.1) or Android (> = 4.4).

Last details about its characteristics, the camera manually tilts the vertical axis in order to position itself as desired, ideal when attached to the wall. Finally dimensions of 75x65x67 mm and weighs 270g.

Unpacking and Installation

Knowing the brand reputation, I was not disappointed when unpacking. The Circle offers efficient design and excellent finishes .

The little round face and gray strapping speaker around the camera make it all very pleasant to the eye. On the bottom of the camera is the small power connector and on / off button. Night Vision LEDs are arranged around the sensor in the black circle.

The installation is carried out quickly in a few steps without problems, as shown by deluxesurveillance:

  • Download the application (for me onAndroid ).
  • Turn on the camera, which flashes blue to indicate that it is ready to connect.
  • Bring the two products so that the connection is established via Bluetooth.
  • Completing the Your WiFi network security key on the application
  • Create an account, necessary (and required) for backups in the cloud.

Less than 5 minutes to setup and no trap or problem is already a good point.


Once the camera is configured and installed at the desired generic lipitor free at meijer location is not really necessary to touch it, everything is controlled from the application .

The use is very simple, as any good camera connected it allows to see in real time what is happening, even remotely via WiFi. If necessary we can go back in time to a moment chosen for the view again or save it locally.

Recording quality is very good if one has an efficient wifi and even if the first goal is not to make a surveillance camera, night vision does its job and works well with 4 or 5 meters . Notifications can be pushed to the user when motion is detected, which in practice has rarely been the case even doing the dance right in front rain!

As for the recordings themselves, all pass through a cloud secure that keeps the last 24 hours in memory. According to the manufacturer is entitled to 24 hours free registration to the cloud but subscriptions may emerge in the manner of theNest Cam .

The settings menu is full, it can enable or disable the speaker, microphone, night vision, LED, energy saving, notifications or reverse the video (180 °). It can also remotely disable the camera to stop recording if necessary.

The feature highlighted by Logitech on his Circle: a timelapse, here named “hyperlapse”, which allows to see a full day fast, it’s nice and with an automatic algorithm these videos are automatically sorted among the videos of the day to keep only the best (the blue labels).

It lacks however the possibility of making oneself his summaries directly from the application or retrieve video from a web browser.

I loved

  • the super fast and simple configuration
  • the quality of the video
  • ..
  • Design

I least liked

  • Autonomy real constaée rather close to 4h
  • Lack of partnership announcement with third party applications
  • A softer prices


The Logi Circle does not compete with other cameras focused more security and surveillance camera. Rather, it is proclaimed as a connected product to record the best moments in her home, which she managed to do with a good quality. The idea of having a summary of the day in accelerated, which in addition automatically deviates the least interesting moments, good and rather effective.