Lingerie on Display:2014 Summer Fashion Trend

They are increasingly being seen by there, I jumped of the shows, soap operas, directly to the streets, ballads, and celebrities, we’re talking about the daring, controversial, loved and hated also sets the … lingerie on display! Anything goes, transparencies, lace and, of course, necklines, in lingerie that are increasingly becoming the main star of the productions. However, very quiet at this time, it is essential to know how to use this trend to not fall into vulgarity. So, the key word to err is not subtlety.

How to use Lingerie? See 5 Tips from!

How to use lingerie on display without vulgarity

The trend reaches from races, those with larger digs, even more elaborate dresses, silk shirts, or with a more open neckline, allowing the BRA keep the shows, without, however, to turn the focus on the look, you have to be a subtle detail, charming and discreet, to give a feminine and sensual air without falling into vulgarity. The trick is to opt for elegant style stripped and abuse of this trend. To be able to use without fear of being happy, here are some tips and inspirations:

The power of Lingerie

Always taking care not to exceed the fine line between chic and the vulgar, time to let a lingerie on display, use common sense.

How to choose lingerie

Yes, before totally tacky, now the bra strap showing up under a regatinha is considered cult.

And don’t think this trend is restricted only to the BRA, no, in this game of hide and shows, even the body underneath dresses is cool, of course, since a subtle form.

Gossip, fame, success, celebrities and everything that goes with the famous

Yes, many have come to lingerie as the key piece in the wardrobe.

Transparent clothes: fashion trend summer 2014

In Paris, London and Berlin, women already bet on many pits and deep necklines made for Bras appearing.

Asymmetric fashion: defiance and boldness

We must not forget the top cropped, that piece that resembles the old pasties are, get a luxury used beneath jackets, blazers and even appearing in necklines.

Nails 2014: discover the trends

When choosing colors, black is always black, but, especially this season of high temperatures, also fit the colors more vivid.

The Clipping fashion Strategic

And attention to good and sexy lace continues strong.

Income and Cropping Leaked – Must have 2014

However, careful, time to leave the lingerie on display, pay attention to detail, and mixing patterns is tricky, and remember, a cotton t-shirt with a lace lingerie is sexy, cool and superbonito, as well as wear petticoat underneath a dress more short, in contrasting colors.

And so, ready to play on trend!